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taenia, tenia

(tē′nē-ă) [L. taenia fr. Gr. tainia, tape, ribbon] 1. A flat band or strip of soft tissue. 2. A tapeworm of the genus Taenia. SYN: tenia.

t. coli The three bands of smooth muscle into which the longitudinal muscle layer of the colon is gathered. They are taenia mesocolica (mesenteric insertion), taenia libera (opposite mesocolic band), and taenia omentalis (at place of attachment of omentum to transverse colon).

taeniasis, teniasis

(tē-nī′ă-sĭs) [Taenia + -sis] An infestation with tapeworms of the genus Taenia. SEE: tapeworm.


(tag) 1. A small polyp or growth. 2. A label or tracer; or the application of a label or tracer.

hemorrhoidal t. An anal skin tag resulting from uneven postsurgical healing, spontaneous resolution of a previously enlarged external hemorrhoid, secondary to anal skin irritation, or external to an anal fissure. SEE: sentinel pile.

radioactive t. A radioactive isotope that is incorporated into a chemical or organic material to allow its detection in metabolic or chemical processes. SYN: radiolabel.

sentinel t. Sentinel pile.

skin t. A small outgrowth of skin, usually occurring on the neck, axilla, and groin. SEE: illus.; acrochordon.





Introduction of a radioactive isotope into a molecule in order to distinguish the molecule from others without that “tag.” SYN: labeling.

tai chi, tai ji

(tī-chē) [Chinese tài jí (quán), supreme (or) grand ultimate (or) extreme fist (or) boxing] A traditional Chinese martial art in which a series of slow, controlled movements are made through various postures designed to develop flexibility, balance, strength, relaxation, and mental concentration. Tai chi has been used as a therapeutic exercise by the young and the old, hemophiliacs, people with fibromyalgia, and people recovering from brain injuries.

taijin kyofusho

(tī-jēn-kyō-foo-shō) [Japanese., literally, “fear of interpersonal relationships disorder”] ABBR: TKS. A culture-bound syndrome in Japan in which a person becomes fearful that he or she is offensive to others. In the West it is considered a form of social anxiety disorder.


(tāl) 1. The long end of a structure, such as the extremity of the spinal column or the final segments of a polypeptide or nucleic acid. SEE: cauda. 2. An uninterrupted extension of the insurance policy period; also called the extended reporting endorsement. SEE: professional liability insurance.


(tānt) [Fr. teint, color, tint] 1. To spoil or cause putrefaction, as in tainted meat. 2. To contaminate. tainted, adj....

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