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(skwā′mŭs) [L. squamosus] Scalelike.

square knot

SEE: under knot.

squashed stomach syndrome

Anorexia, nausea, and vomiting due to external compression of the stomach, usually by a malignant tumor.

squash prep, squash preparation

The smearing or compressing of a thin tissue specimen between two slides before microscopic analysis. The specimen is placed flat on the first slide. The second slide is held at a right angle to the first and then dragged along the specimen, distributing it lengthwise along the first slide. The specimen is then fixed with alcohol and stained.

squatting position

A position in which the person crouches with legs drawn up closely in front of, or beneath, the body; sitting on one’s haunches and heels.


An abnormal breath sound, a short wheeze or squeak, typically heard during inspiration in patients with interstitial lung disease or pneumonia.

squaw root

Blue cohosh.


A bottle made of a flexible, semirigid material that can be deformed by applying hand pressure to it. It is used to contain irrigating solutions, esp. those required in ophthalmology.

squeeze test

(skwēz) An assessment of anterior foot pain with an examining hand applied around the forefoot. When applied pressure elicits tenderness, Morton neuroma is often present.


superconductive quantum interference device.


(skwĭl) [Gr. skilla, a sea onion] An ancient remedy now rarely employed in medical practice, with therapeutic and toxic effects that mimic those of digoxin. It is derived from plants of the lily family.


(skwĭnt) [ME. asquint, sidelong glance] 1. Abnormality in which the right and left visual axes do not bear toward an objective point simultaneously. SEE: strabismus. 2. To close the eyes partly, either to block out excess environmental light or to try to improve a refractive error of vision. 3. To be unable to direct both eyes simultaneously toward a point.

convergent s. Esotropia.

divergent s. Exotropia.

external s. Exotropia.

internal s. Esotropia.


Symbol for the element strontium.

src A family of oncogenes involved in transforming normal cells to cancer cells. Src was the first transforming oncogene discovered. Proteins produced by these genes have tyrosine kinase activity. SEE: oncogene; transformation.


somatotropin-releasing factor.


soluble ribonucleic ...

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