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sodium modeling

Titration of sodium concentrations during hemodialysis to relieve the muscle cramping, nausea, vomiting, and blood pressure fluctuations sometimes seen during the procedure.

sodium polyanethol sulfonate

SEE: under sodium.

sodium restriction

Limitation of the intake of sodium chloride (table salt) in the diet. SEE: low-sodium diet.

sodomite, sodomist

(sod′ŏ-mīt″, sod′ŏ-mist) [L. Sodoma, in Genesis 19, an ancient city destroyed because of its wickedness] A person who practices sodomy.


(sod′ŏ-mē) [L. Sodoma, in Genesis 19, an ancient city destroyed because of its wickedness] 1. Anal or oral intercourse with a member of the same or of the opposite sex. 2. Intercourse with an animal; bestiality.

Soemmering, Samuel T. von

(sem′ĕr-ing) Samuel Thomas von Soemmering, Ger. anatomist, 1755–1830.

S. ring An annular swelling of the periphery of the lens capsule.


The “sequential organ failure assessment,” a tool used to diagnose sepsis.


Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale.


(soft) Not hard, firm, or solid.

softcopy, soft copy

(soft′kop″ē) An electronic or digitized document. Softcopy images in radiology are stored digital images that can be manipulated to highlight or enhance image quality and radiologic interpretation. They are often used to assure quality of imaging systems in radiology.

soft drink

A nonalcoholic beverage, typically made of soda water with added phosphoric acid, carbonation, and sweeteners.


(sof′ĕn-ing) The process of becoming soft. SYN: malacia.

s. of bones Osteomalacia.

white s. The stage of softening of tissue in which the affected area has become white and anemic.

soft lens-associated corneal hypoxia SEE: under hypoxia.

soft tissue SEE: under tissue.

soft tissue expansion

A technique in plastic surgery for expanding skin before excising an area to achieve a more cosmetic wound closure. One or more expander balloons are inserted under the skin. The balloons are then expanded by progressively increasing the amount of saline solution in them. This is done every week for the time necessary to sufficiently stretch the overlying skin. After the expansion is completed, the plastic surgery is performed. This may eliminate the need for a skin graft. SEE: plastic surgery; W-plasty; Zplasty.

software as a medical device

ABBR: SaMD. Computer programs created independently of previously developed hardware and used to: direct the hardware; analyze data or ...

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