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shockable rhythm

SEE: under rhythm.

shock dose

SEE: under dose.

shock therapy, shock treatment

Electroconvulsive therapy.

shoemaker’s cramp

SEE: under cramp.

Shone anomaly

(shōn) [John D. Shone, 20th-cent. Brit. cardiologist] A congenital heart disease characterized by multiple types of obstruction to the outflow of blood from the left ventricle and by mitral valve disease. The anomaly is typically found in children and requires surgical repair. Other features include supravalvular mitral ring, parachute mitral valve, subaortic stenosis, and coarctation.

short-acting beta agonist

SEE: under agonist.

short bowel syndrome

Inadequate absorption of ingested nutrients (esp. vitamin B12, macronutrients, sodium, and magnesium) resulting from a surgical procedure in which a considerable length of the intestinal tract has been removed or bypassed. Patients with short bowel syndrome may experience anion gap metabolic acidosis caused by the accumulation of the D-isomer of lactic acid in serum. Aggressive enteral nutrition or creation of an antiperistaltic segment in the remaining intestine may replace the need for partial or total parenteral nutrition in the management of this syndrome. Transplantation of the small intestine would be ideal, but it has had limited application. SEE: total parenteral nutrition.


1. Loss of bone length after a fracture, as a result of malunion or pronounced bony angulation. 2. A decrease in the length of a contracting muscle fiber.

short messaging service Texting.

shortness of breath Breathlessness.

shortsightedness (short′sīt′ĕd-nĕs) Myopia.

short stay

A brief hospitalization for observation, e.g., after a simple surgery, a biopsy, or a diagnostic study. The time spent in the hospital is typically limited to a few hours.

short-stay unit

A ward or clinic used to manage patients requiring a short stay.


Pert. to a brief period of time, usually as long as a day but less than a month. In business and finance, the same period is a year or less.


(shō-sī′kō-tō″) ABBR: SST. A traditional Chinese and Japanese herbal mixture used to treat chronic hepatitis and other illnesses.

shoshin beriberi

Shoshin syndrome.

shoshin syndrome

(shō′shin″) [Japanese sho, acute damage + shin, heart] Cardiogenic shock resulting from severe, acute thiamine deficiency, e.g., in malnourished alcoholics. SYN: shoshin beriberi.


An injection.


(shōl′dĕr) A ...

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