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(sē′mĕn-ăr″kē) [″ + arche, beginning] During puberty, the beginning of the production of semen. SEE: pubarche; thelarche.


[L. semi-, half] Prefix meaning half.

semi-automated, semi-automatic Any process that relies both on human input and computer-driven or mechanized activity.


(sĕm″ē-sŭr′kū-lăr) [″ + circulus, a ring] Shaped like a semicircle.


(sĕm″ē-kŏn′shŭs) Not fully conscious.


[Fm. (furo)semide] A suffix used in pharmacology to designate any loop diuretic similar in chemical structure to that of furosemide.


(sĕm″ē-flĕk′shŭn) [″ + flexio, bending] Halfway between flexion and extension of a limb.


(sĕm″ē-lū′năr) [L. semis, half, + luna, moon] Shaped like a crescent.


(sĕm″ē-mĕm′bră-nŭs) [″ + L. membrana, membrane] Composed partly of a membrane.


(sĕm′ĭ-năl) [L. seminalis] Pert. to the semen or seed.

seminal emission

Discharge of semen.


(sem″ĭ-nā′shŏn) [L. seminatio, breeding, propagation] Insemination.

artificial s. Artificial insemination.


(sĕm-ĭn-ĭf′ĕr-ŭs) [L. semen, seed, + ferre, to produce] Producing or conducting semen, as the tubules of the testes.


(sĕm″ĭ-nō′mă) [″ + Gr. oma, tumor] A cancer arising from male germ cells (in the testis) that makes up about half of all testicular malignancies.

 TREATMENT: Seminomas that are confined to the testes are surgically removed. Metastatic disease is treated with surgery (to remove the testis) and radiation and chemotherapy.


(sē″mē-ol′ŏ-jē, sem″ē-ol′ŏ-jē) [Gr. sēmeion, sign + -logy] 1. Semiotics. 2. Symptomatology (2).


(sē″mē-ot′ĭks, sem″ē-ot′ĭks) [Gr. sēmeiōtikos, noticing signs, observant fr sēmeion, sign + -ics] The study of signs and systems that convey particular meanings in language and culture. The language can be natural or artificial. Semiotics can include gestures, symbols, objects, mannerisms, clothing, and other means for conveying meaning. SYN: semiology (1). semiotic, adj.


(sĕm″ē-per′mē-ă-bl) [″ + per, through, + meare, to pass] Pert. to cell membranes that permit the passage of some materials but not others; selectively permeable.


(sĕm″ē-prō-nā′shŭn) [″ + pronus, prone] 1. A semiprone position. 2. The act of assuming a semiprone position.


(sĕm-ē-prōn′) [″ + pronus, prone] In a position on left side and chest, with ...

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