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(sĭ-sū′ră) pl. scissurae [L., to split] A fissure or cleft; a splitting.


(sklĕr′ă) pl. sclerae [Gr. skleros, hard] The outer layer of the eyeball made of fibrous connective tissue. At the front of the eye, it is visible as the white of the eye and ends at the cornea, which is transparent. scleral, adj.

blue s. An abnormal thinning of the sclera through which a blue uveal pigment is seen. This may be found in people with disorders of collagen formation such as osteogenesis imperfecta.


(sklĕ-rĕk′tō-mē) [″ + ektome, excision] 1. Excision of a portion of the sclera. SYN: scleroticectomy. 2. Removal of adhesions in chronic otitis media.


(skler″ĕ-dē′mă) [sclero- + edema] Induration of and mucin deposition on the skin of the upper back and neck, usually occurring in association with type 2 diabetes mellitus and occasionally in patients after acute streptococcal infections. In diabetic patients it may regress with strict control of blood sugars.

s. adultorum Buschke scleredema.

Buschke s. SEE: Buschke scleredema.

s. neonatorum Scleroderma neonatorum.


(sklĕ-rē′mă) [Gr. skleros, hard] Scleroderma.

s. neonatorum Hardening and tightening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the newborn. This is a rare disease, sometimes associated with premature birth, neonatal sepsis, and dehydration. SYN: s. adiposum; scleroderma neonatorum.


(sklĕ-rīt′ĭs) [sclera + -itis] Any painful inflammatory disease of the sclera of the eye. It may result in degeneration or destruction of the sclera and neighboring tissues and is often associated with systemic inflammatory disease. It occurs much more commonly in the anterior sclera than in the posterior. SYN: sclerotitis. SEE: episcleritis.

annular s. Inflammation limited to the area surrounding the limbus of the cornea. A complete ring is formed.

anterior s. An inflammation of the sclera, episclera and conjunctiva. Anterior scleritis may be localized or diffuse.

posterior s. Scleritis limited to the posterior half of the globe of the eye with loss of vision and ocular pain.

sclero-, sclera-, scler-

[Gr. sklēros, hard] Prefixes meaning hard.


(sklĕ″rō-kor′nē-ă) [″ + L. corneus, horny] The sclera and cornea together considered as one coat.


(sklĕr″ō-dăk-tĭl′ē-ă) [″ + daktylos, a finger] Induration of the skin of the fingers and toes. SYN: acroscleroderma.


(sklĕr″ŏ-dĕr′mă) [sclero- + derma] A chronic manifestation of progressive systemic sclerosis in which the skin is taut, firm, ...

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