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(sī″kō-ăn′ă-lĭst) [Gr. psyche, mind, + analysis, a dissolving] One who practices psychoanalysis. SYN: analyst (2).


(sī″kō-bī-ol′ŏ-jē) [psycho-+ biology] 1. The study of the biology of the psyche, including the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the mind. 2. A method of psychoanalysis employing distributive analysis, which includes a study of all mental and physical factors involved in an individual’s growth and development.

objective p. Psychobiology in which special emphasis is placed on the relationship of the individual to his or her environment.


(sī″kō-dī″ăg-nō′sĭs) [″ + diagignoskein, to discern] The use of psychological tests to assist in diagnosing diseases, esp. mental illness.


(sī″kō-dī″ăg-nŏs′tĭks) The use of psychological testing as an aid in diagnosing mental disorders.


(sī″kod′ĭ-dē″) A family of the order Diptera, characterized by minute size, long legs, and hairy bodies and wings. It includes moth flies, owl midges, and sandflies. SEE: Phlebotomus.


(sī-kō-dō-pī-gŭs) A genus of sandflies that is a vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis.


(sī″kō-dī-năm′ĭks) [″ + dynamis, power] The scientific study of mental action or force.


(sī″kō-ĕj″oo-kā′shŭn) A means of providing patients with psychiatric illnesses with the skills to co-manage their illnesses. These skills include improving adherence to treatment regimens, managing stressful events and symptom relapses, enhancing social and familial integration and unity, and decreasing the need for hospitalization.


(sī″kō-jĕn′ĕ-sĭs) [″ + genesis, generation, birth] 1. The origin and development of mind; the formation of mental traits. 2. Origin within the mind or psyche.


(sī-kŏ-jen′ik) [psycho- + -genic] 1. Functional (2). 2. Pert. to the development of the mind. SEE: psycho-genetic.


(sī-kō-jĕr-ē-ăt′rĭk) Pert. to the psychiatric disorders that may affect older persons.


(sī″kŏ-kĭ-nē′ sĭs, sī″kŏ-kī-nē′sĭs) [psycho- + Gr. kinēsis, movement] ABBR: PK. A paranormal ability of a person to influence a physical object without any intermediate physical energy or instruments, e.g., to levitate pieces of furniture, bend metal spoons or keys, etc. SYN: telekinesis. SEE: paranormal. psychokinetic (sī″kŏ-kĭ-net′ik), adj.


(sī″kō-lĭng-gwĭs′tĭks) The study of linguistics as it relates to human behavior.


(sī″kō-lŏj′ĭ-kăl) [″ + logos, word, reason] Pert. to the study of the mind in all of its relationships, normal and abnormal.


(sī-kŏl′ō-jĭst) One who is trained in methods of psychological analysis, therapy, and research.

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