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(prō-lăp′ sŭs) [L.] Prolapse.


(prŏ-lif′ ĕ-rāt″) [L. proles, offspring, + ferre, to bear] To increase by reproduction of similar forms.


(prŏ-lif″ĕ-rā’ shŏn) 1. Rapid and repeated reproduction of new parts, as by cell division. 2. The process or result of rapid reproduction.


(prō-lĭf′ĕr-ŭs) 1. Multiplying, as by formation of new tissue cells. 2. Bearing offspring.


(prŏ-lĭf′ĭk) [L. prolificus] Fruitful; reproductive. SYN: fertile.


(prō′lēn) C4H8NCOOH; an amino acid formed by digestion of protein. Proline is a constituent of collagens.

prolonged grief disorder

Grieving, complicated.

prolonged QT syndrome, long QT syndrome, QT syndrome

A life-threatening syndrome marked by a prolonged QT interval with episodes of electrocardiographic torsades de pointes. This condition may be inherited or maybe acquired as a result of drug administration. Inherited variants of the long QT syndrome include Romano-Ward syndrome and Lange-Nielsen syndrome. It is treated with beta-blocking drugs or an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).


(prō″lĭmf′ō-sīt) [″ + L. lympha, lymph, + Gr. kytos, cell] A cell intermediate between a lymphoblast and lymphocyte.


passive range of motion; premature rupture of membranes.


(prō-mĕt′ ă-fāz) [″ + meta, change, + phasis, to appear] The stage of mitosis in which the nuclear membrane disintegrates, and the chromosomes move toward the equator of the cell.


(prom″ĭ-nor′is) Protrusion of the ears from the side of the head.


(prom′ĭ-nĕns) [L. prominentia, projection, prominence] A projection or protrusion.

bony p. A part of the body with limited subcutaneous tissue over a bone. Examples include the heels, the iliac crests, and the sacrum. The skin that overlies a bony prominence is more prone to pressure ulceration than more padded body parts.

laryngeal p. Adam’s apple.


(prō-mŏn′ ō-sīt) [Gr. pro, before, + monos, single, + kytos, cell] In the development of white blood cells, the precursor of the monocyte. It is between the monoblast and monocyte.


(prom′ŏn-tor″ē) [L. promontorium, mountain ridge, headland] A projecting process or part.

p. of the sacrum The anterior projecting portion of the pelvic surface of the base of the sacrum. With the fifth lumbar vertebra, it forms the sacrovertebral angle. With the linea terminalis it forms part of the pelvic brim (pelvic inlet).


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