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(prē-sē′ nīl) [L. prae, before, in front of, + senilis, old] Occurring before the expected onset of age-related changes, that is, in middle age. The word is usually applied to dementia that occurs relatively early in life.


(prē-zent′) [L. praesent-, to be present, be present at, preside] 1. Of a patient, to make an initial appearance for examination or treatment because of a complaint, symptom, or condition, e.g., dizziness or shortness of breath. 2. Of a medical condition, to be evident to an examining physician from the presence of certain symptoms, e.g., depression accompanied by disturbed sleep or appetite. 3. Of a fetus in delivery, to be visible at the cervix during labor. SEE: presenting part.




(prē″zĕn-tā′shŭn) [L. praesentatio] 1. In obstetrics, the position of the fetus presenting itself to the examining finger in the vagina or rectum, e.g., longitudinal or normal and transverse or pathologic presentation. 2. The relationship of the long axis of fetus to that of the mother; also called lie. SEE: illus.; position for table. 3. The fetal body part that first enters the maternal pelvis. SEE: position for table.





breech p. Fetal position in which the buttocks comes first. Breech presentation is of three types: complete breech, when the thighs of the fetus are flexed on the abdomen and the legs flexed upon the thighs; frank breech, when the legs of the fetus are extended over the anterior surface of the body; and footling, when a foot or feet present. Footling can be single, double, or, if the leg remains flexed, knee presentation. SYN: pelvic p.

brow p. Fetal position in which the brow or face of the infant comes first during labor, making vaginal delivery almost impossible. Cesarean section may be needed if the presentation cannot be altered.

cephalic p. Presentation of the head of the fetus in any position.

compound p. Fetal position in which a prolapsed limb is alongside the main presenting part.

face p. Fetal position in which the head of the fetus is sharply extended so that the face comes first.

footling p. Fetal position in which the feet come first. SEE: breech p.

funic p. Appearance of the umbilical cord during labor.

longitudinal p. Presentation in which the long axis of the fetus is parallel to the long axis of the mother.

oblique p. Presentation in which the long axis of the fetus is oblique to that of the mother.

pelvic p....

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