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(fĕ-rē′ sĭs) [Gr. aphairesis, separation] Apheresis.


(fer′ ŏ-mōn″) [Gr. pherein, to bear, carry + (hor)mone] A chemical released by one animal that acts as a form of communication with other animals of the same species. It is often detected by smell and may affect the development, reproduction, or behavior of other individuals.


German Pharmacopeia; Graduate in Pharmacy.


protected health information.


(fī′ăl) [Gr. phiale, a bowl] A small vessel for medicine; a vial.

-phile, -phil

[Gr. philos, one’s own, dear] Suffixes meaning lover of, having an affinity or enthusiasm for.


[Gr. philia, love] Suffix meaning love for, tendency toward or excessive appetite or craving for. -phil, adj. -philic, adj.


[-phile + -ic] Adjectival suffix for nouns ending in -phile, e.g., acidophilic from acidophile.


(fĭ-lŏs′ō-fē) 1. The love or pursuit of knowledge. 2. A culturally determined system of beliefs, concepts, theories, or convictions.


(fil′trŭm) [L. philtrum, love philter, fr. Gr. philtron, love philter, groove or dimple on the upper lip] The median groove on the external surface of the upper lip.


(fī-mō′ sĭs) [Gr., a muzzling] Stenosis or narrowness of the preputial orifice so that the foreskin cannot be pushed back over the glans penis. The condition is treated by circumcision.

p. vaginalis Narrowness or closure of the vaginal orifice.


(fleb-ek′tŏ-mē) [phlebo- + -ectomy] Surgical removal of a vein or part of a vein.

stab p. The surgical excision of varicose veins through tiny incisions made through the skin along the course of the vein.


(flĕ-bīt′ĭs) [phlebo- + -itis] Inflammation of a vein. SYN: thrombophlebitis. phlebitic (flĕ-bit′ik), adj.

 ETIOLOGY: Common causes include chemical or mechanical irritation of veins by sclerosing intravenous fluids or indwelling catheters, thrombosis, or venous infections.

 SYMPTOMS: When a superficial vein is affected, the affected vein often is painful, tender, red, warm to touch, indurated along its length, or swollen. Inflammation or occlusion of large or deep veins may be asymptomatic or may produce edema distal to the lesion, as well as chills and fever and pain.

 PREVENTION: Immobilized patients are at risk for phlebitic disorders. To prevent phlebitis, concentrated or irritating infusions should be given through central venous catheters or ports. Irritated or ...

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