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peptide mapping

SEE: under mapping.

peptide receptor radionuclide therapy

A form of radiation therapy for cancer in which radioactive substances are attached to peptides known to link to cancer cell receptors. After the cancer cells are bound to the peptides, the radioactivity kills them.


(pĕp-tĭ-dōglīsăn) A large, complex carbohydrate that forms layers in the cell walls of bacteria. Gram-positive cell walls have many peptide-linked layers; gram-negative cell walls have few layers.


(pĕp″tĭ-dō-lĭt′ĭk) [″ + lytikos, dissolving] Causing the splitting up or digestion of peptides.


(pĕp″tĭ-dō-mĭ-mĕt′ĭks, pĕp-tīd′ō-mī-) [″ + ″] The synthetic alteration of a natural peptide to make a new molecule that works in a specific biological or therapeutic application.


(păp″tō-kăk′ŭs) A genus of gram-positive, anaerobic cocci that are normally present in the oral cavity, on the skin, and in the intestinal tract. When associated with infection, they usually act synergistically with other organisms.


(pĕp′tōn) [Gr. pepton, digesting] A secondary protein formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes, acids, or alkalies on certain proteins.


(pĕp″tō-nĭ-zā′ shŭn) [Gr. pepton, digesting] The action by which proteolytic enzymes break proteins into peptones.


(pĕp′tō-nīz) To convert into peptones; to predigest with pepsin.


(pĕp″tō-nū′ rē-ă) [″ + ouron, urine] Excretion of peptones in the urine.


(pep″tŏ-strep″tŏ-kok′ ŭs) A genus of gram-positive anaerobic cocci of the Peptostreptococcaceae family. They may be normal or pathogenic inhabitants of the upper respiratory and intestinal tracts and are an important cause of infections. Two species of Peptostreptococcus (P. magnus and P. micros) have been renamed as Finegoldia magnus and Micromonas magnus, respectively.


(per) [L. per, through] 1. Through, by, by means or agency of. 2. For each unit or entity, e.g., milligrams per kilogram, usually written as mg/kg.


[L. per, through] Prefix meaning throughout, through, utterly, intense; in chemistry, the highest valence of an element.


(pĕr-ăs′ĭd) 1. An acid that contains the highest valence possible. 2. An acid containing the peroxide group, O—OH.


(pĕr″ă-kūt′) [″ + acutus, keen] Very acute or violent.

per anum

(pĕr ā′nŭm) [L.] Through or by way of the anus.

perceived control

(pĕr-sēvd′) The degree to which people feel they are in charge of their own lives, ...

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