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(pek′ tŭs, pek′ tŏ-ră) pl. pectora [L. pectus, stem pector-, the breast] The chest.

p. carinatum Pigeon chest.

p. excavatum A congenital condition in which the sternum is abnormally depressed. SYN: funnel breast; p. recurvatum. SEE: illus.






SEE: 1pedo-.


SEE: 2pedo-.


(pĕd′ ŭ-gŏj″ē, -gō″jē) [Gr. paidagogos, an assistant who takes children to school] The art, sciences, techniques, and professional methods used in teaching, esp. the teaching of school-age children.


(ped′ ăl) [L. pedalis, pert. to a foot] Pert. to the foot.


(ped′ĕ-rast″) [Gr. paiderastēs, a lover of boys] A man who practices anal intercourse with boys.


(ped′ ĕ-ras″tē) [L. paederastia fr Gr. paiderastia, love of boys] Anal intercourse between a man and a boy. pederastic (ped″ĕ-ras′tik), adj.


SEE: 1pedo-.


[Gr. pais, child] Combining form denoting child.


(pēd-ē-a′ trik) [2pedo- + -iatric] Pert. to the medical treatment of children.

pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococci

ABBR: PANDAS. Any of the childhood behavioral disorders (esp. tic disorders, Tourette syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder) that begin before puberty and are associated with and worsened by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal infections, e.g., strep throat or scarlet fever. Researchers suspect that an autoimmune response to the infection is responsible for the syndrome.


(pē-dē-ă-trĭsh′ăn) [″ + iatrikos, healing] A specialist who examines children, provides preventive care, and diagnoses and treats childhood illnesses.


(pē-dē-ăt′rĭks) [Gr. pais, child, + iatreia, treatment] The care of children and the treatment of their diseases. SEE: mortality for table.


(ped′ĭ-sĕl) [L. pedicellus, diminutive of pediculus, a little foot; stalk] 1. A foot process or footplate. 2. A secondary process of a podocyte that in conjunction with other podocytes forms the inner layer of a Bowman capsule of a renal corpuscle. SEE: pedicle.


(ped″ĭ-sĕ-lā′shŏn) [L. pediculus, a little foot; stalk] The formation and development of a pedicle. SEE: pedicle.


(ped′ĭ-kĕl) [L. pediculus, a little foot; stalk] 1. The stem that attaches a new growth. SYN: peduncle (1). 2. The bony process that projects backward from ...

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