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(par″ă-lit′ ik) [Gr. paralytikos, a paralytic] 1. Pert. to paralysis. 2. One afflicted with paralysis. 3. A drug or other agent that causes muscular paralysis.

paralytic ileus

Paralysis of the intestinal smooth muscles with distention of the abdomen, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain, and inability to pass stool or gas. It may occur after abdominal surgery, during an episode of peritonitis, or after the administration of some drugs, e.g., narcotics.


(păr′ ă-līz) [Fr. paralyse] 1. To cause temporary or permanent loss of muscular power or sensation. 2. To render ineffective.


(par″ă-mag-net′ ik) [para- + magnetic] Pert. to a substance that is attracted by the poles of a magnet and becomes parallel to the lines of magnetic force. Paramagnetic contrast agents (usually incorporating gadolinium) are used in magnetic resonance imaging to help identify blood vessels and different tissue types. paramagnetism (-mag′nĕ-tizm), n.


(par″ă-mē′dē-ăn) [para- + median] Adjacent to the midline. SYN: paramesial.


(păr″ă-mĕd′ĭk) [Gr. para, beside, + L. medicus, doctor] A health care professional trained in the emergency care of patients who suffer from acute illnesses or injuries. Paramedics typically function in the out-of-hospital setting, under the medical direction of a physician. They are trained to provide assessment and management including cardioversion, defibrillation, electrocardiographic interpretation, external pacing, IV therapy, thoracic decompression, endotracheal intubation, and drug and fluid therapy. SEE: emergency medical technician.


(pă-ră-mĕd-ĭ-lăl) Supplementing the work of medical personnel.

paramedical personnel

Health care workers who are not physicians or nurses. These include medical technicians, emergency medical technicians, and physician assistants. SEE: allied health professional.


(par″ă-med′ ĭ-sĭn) [para- + medicine] The range of medical services provided by Emergency Medical Technicians. SYN: community paramedicine; mobile integrated health care. community p. Paramedicine.


(pă-ram′ ĕt-ĕr) [para- + -meter] 1. In mathematics, an arbitrary constant, each value of which determines the specific form of the equation in which it appears. The term is often misused for variable. 2. In biostatistics, a measurable or adjustable characteristic; a named value. parametric (par″ă-me′ trik), adj.


(par″ă-mĕ-trīt′ĭs) [parametrium + -itis] An inflammation of the parametrium,. It may occur in puerperal fever or septic conditions of the uterus and appendages. SYN: pelvic cellulitis. parametritic (par″ă-mĕ-trit′ ik), adj.


(par-ă-mē′ trē-ŭm) [para-+ 1metro- + -ium (2)] Loose connective tissue around the uterus.


(par″ă-mī″ŏ-tō′ nē-ă) ...

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