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osteogenic, osteogenetic

(os″tē-ŏ-jen′ik, os″tē-ŏ-jĕ-net′ik) [osteo- + -genic, genetic] Pert. to osteogenesis.


(os′tē-oyd″) [osteo- + -oid] 1. Resembling bone. 2. The noncalcified matrix of young bone.


(ŏs-tē-ŏl′ō-jē) [″ + logos, word, reason] The science concerned with the structure and function of bones.


(os″tē-ol′ĭ-sĭs) [osteo-+ -lysis] A softening and destruction of bone without compensatory osteoclastic activity.


(os-tē-ō′mă, măt-ă) pl. osteomata, osteomas [osteo- + -oma] A bonelike structure that develops on a bone or at other sites; a benign bony tumor. SYN: exostosis.

cancellous o. A soft, spongy tumor. It has thin, delicate trabeculae that enclose large medullary spaces like those in cancellous bone.

o. cutis A benign formation of bone nodules in the skin.

dental o. A bony outgrowth of the root of a tooth.

o. durum A very hard osteoma in which the bone is ivory-like.

osteoid o. A rare benign bone tumor composed of sheets of osteoid tissue that is partially calcified and ossified. The condition occurs esp. in the bones of the extremities of the young.


(os″tē-ō-mă-lā′sh(ē-)ă) [osteo- + -malacia] An abnormality of new bone formation (osteoid) causing bones to become increasingly soft, flexible, brittle, and deformed. An adult form of rickets, osteomalacia can also be traced to liver disease, cancer, or other ailments that inhibit the normal metabolism of vitamin D. SEE: rickets. osteomalacic (os″tē-ō-mă-lā′sik), adj.

 CAUSES: The disease is often caused by any of the many vitamin D-deficiency disorders or diseases in which there is resistance to the effect of vitamin D on the skeleton, or by deranged phosphorus metabolism, chronic kidney disease, or renal tubular acidosis (among other more rare illnesses).

 SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: Clinical findings include bone and joint pains, e.g., in the limbs, lumbar spine, thorax, and pelvis; fractures; anemia; impaired gait, and progressive weakness.

 DIAGNOSIS: Affected bones have a classical appearance on radiological imaging.

 TREATMENT: Ergocalciferol and calcium are given as nutritional supplements to patients with vitamin D-deficient diets.

oncogenic o. A rare disorder in which low serum phosphorus levels and excessive wasting of phosphorus by the kidneys accompany weakening and softening of bone. The disease is found in patients with cancer and is caused by excessive circulating levels of fibroblast growth factor. SYN: tumor-induced osteomalacia.

tumor-induced o. Oncogenic o.

osteomeatal complex

(os″tē-ō-mē-āt′ăl) SEE: under complex.



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