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(ī″sō-ă-glū-tĭn′ō-jĕn) Agglutinin.


(ī″sō-ăn′tĭ-bŏd″ē) An antibody produced in response to an isoantigen.


(ī″sō-ăn′tĭ-jĕn) [″ + L. anti, against, + gennan, to produce] A substance present in certain individuals that stimulates antibody production in other members of the same species but not in the donor, e.g., blood group isoantigens that are harmless to the donor but may produce severe antibody response in a recipient of a different blood group or type. SYN: alloantigen.


(ī′sō-băr) [″ + baros, weight] 1. A locus of equal pressure. When pressures are unequal, fluids and gases will flow from a high- to a low-pressure region. 2. In chemistry, one of two or more chemical bodies having the same atomic weight but different atomic numbers.


(ī″sō-băr′ĭk) 1. Pressure equal to that with which it is being compared. 2. Specific gravity equal to that with which it is being compared. For example, an anesthetic solution used in spinal anesthesia, if isobaric, would have the same specific gravity as the spinal fluid.


(ī″sō-kă-lō′rĭk) [″ + L. calor, heat] Containing the same number of calories as the food or diet with which it is being compared.


(ī″sō-sĕl′ū-lăr) [″ + L. cellula, cell] Composed of equal and similar cells.


(ī″sŏ-sent′ĕr) [iso- + center] In radiation oncology, the point through which the central beam of the radiation passes. SYN: radiation i.

radiation i. Isocenter.


(ī″sō-krō-măt′ĭk) [″ + chroma, color] 1. Having the same color. 2. Of uniform color.


(ī″sō-krō-măt′ō-fĭl, -fĭl) [″ + ″ + philein, to love] Having the same affinity for a dye.


(ī″sō-krō′mō-sōm) [″ + ″ + soma, body] A chromosome with arms that are morphologically identical and contain the same genetic loci. This is the result of the transverse rather than the longitudinal splitting of a chromosome.


(ī-sŏk′rō-năl) [″ + chronos, time] Acting in uniform time, or taking place at regular intervals.


(ī″sō-krō′nē-ă) [Gr. isos, equal, + chronos, time] 1. The correspondence of events with respect to time. 2. Occurring at the same time, rate, or frequency.

isocitrate dehydrogenase

(ī″sō-cĭt′rāt dē″hī-drŏj′ĕn-ās) An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of isocitric acid to α-ketoglutaric acid.


(ī-sō-kŏl′oyd) [″ + kollodes, glutinous] A colloid having the same composition in every transformation.

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