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(int″ĕr-klă-vik′yŭ-lăr) [inter- + clavicular] Between the clavicles.


(int″ĕr-kŏ-lŭm′năr) [inter- + columnar] Between columns.

intercondylar, intercondyloid

(int″ĕr-kon′dĭ-lăr, int″ĕr-kon′dĭ-loyd″) [inter- + Gr. kondylos, knuckle] Between two condyles.


(int″ĕr-kos′tăl) [inter- + costal] Between the ribs.


(int″ĕr-kos″tō-brā′kē-ăl) [intercostal + brachial] Pert. to an intercostal space and the arm.


(int-′ĕr-kors″) [L. intercursus, running between, intervention] The social interaction between individuals or groups; communication.

sexual i. SEE: sexual intercourse.


(int″ĕr-kris′tăl) [inter- + crista + -al] Between the crests of a bone, organ, or process.


(ĭn″tĕr-kŭr′ĕnt) [″ + currere, to run] 1. Intervening. 2. Pert. to a disease attacking a patient with another disease.

intercurrent disease

A disease that occurs during an unrelated illness and may alter the course or treatment of that illness. SYN: intercurrent illness.


(ĭn″tĕr-kŭs-pā′shŭn) [″ + cuspis, point] The cusp-to-fossa relation of the upper and lower posterior teeth in occlusion. SEE: occlusion.


(int″ĕr-dent′ăl) [inter- + dental] Between adjacent teeth in the same arch. SEE: interproximal; interocclusal.


(int″ĕr-dī″ă-lit′ik) [inter- + dialytic] Pert. to the interval between treatments with hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.


(int″ĕr-dij′ĭt) The area between two contiguous toes or fingers or their associated metatarsals or metacarpale. SEE: intermetacarpal; intermetatarsal.


(int″ĕr-dij″ĭ-tā′shŏn) [inter- + digitation] 1. The interlocking of toothed or finger-like processes. 2. The interlocked processes.


(in″tĕr-dis′ĭ-plĭ-nar″ē) Pert. to or involving of two or more health care professions in a collaborative manner or effort.

interest checklist

Any assessment approach used to determine an individual’s unique play, leisure, or work interests.


A connection between systems allowing access and exchange of information. An interface can occur between humans and devices (user interface), networks, or software components.

brain-computer i. ABBR: BCI. Any hardware or software that makes connections between nerves and computers or prosthetics, e.g., to control artificial limbs. SYN: brain-machine interface.

brain-machine i. Brain-computer i.


(int″ĕr-fēr′ĕns) [Fr. s’entreferir, to strike (one another)] 1. Clashing or colliding. 2. Dental malocclusion, esp. when it inhibits fluid mandibular movement. Particular ...

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