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(ĭn-sīz′) [L. incisus] To cut, as with a sharp instrument.


(ĭn-sīzd′) Cut cleanly, as with a knife.


(in-sizh′ŏn) [L. incisio, a cut] A cut made with a knife, electro surgical unit, or laser, esp. for surgical purposes. SYN: surgical wound.

coronal i. 1. An incision made across the scalp in a plane that separates the front (anterior portion) of the head from the back (posterior portion). 2. A crown-shaped incision.

limbal relaxing i. ABBR: LRI. A surgical treatment for astigmatism in which the cornea is reshaped by placing small cuts in its periphery (the limbus of the cornea). These incisions make the misshapen cornea more spherical, which improves visual clarity.

McBurney i. SEE: under McBurney, Charles.

paramedian i. A surgical incision, esp. of the abdominal wall, close to the midline.

Pfannenstiel i. SEE: Pfannenstiel incision.

relaxing i. A second incision made during surgery to promote drainage, relieve the tension on a wound as it is sutured, or facilitate mobilization of a sliding tissue flap. SYN: counterincision; counteropening.

stab i. An incision made perpendicularly into a body part or cavity, typically to drain an abscess, other fluids, or a phlegmon.

transurethral laser i. of the prostate ABBR: TULIP. The treatment of prostatic hyperplasia with a laser used as a cutting instrument. The laser is inserted into the penile urethra and directed at the diseased portion of the gland.

incision and loop drainage

(in-sizh′ŏn, lūp drān′ăj) ABBR: I&LD. A treatment for subcutaneous abscess in which two widely spaced entry points are made into an abscess, and a tube or drain is inserted beneath the skin through the incisions and loosely tied on the outside. I&LD provides effective treatment for the infection and replaces daily wound packing.


(ĭn-sī′sĭv) [L. incisivus] 1. Cutting; having the power of cutting. 2. Relating to the incisor teeth.


(in-sī′zŏr) [L. incisor, a cutter] 1. Something that cuts, as a tool with a sharp cutting edge; a knife. 2. One of the cutting teeth; the four front teeth in each jaw of the adult. SEE: anterior tooth; dentition.

central i. One of two upper and lower incisors adjacent to the midsagittal plane.

lateral i. One of two upper and lower incisors adjacent to the central incisors. incisura (ĭn″sī″-zhoor′ă) pl. incisurae [L.] 1. An incision. 2. Incisure; notch; emargination; indentation at the edge of any structure.

i. angularis gastrica A fold or notch on the distal end of the ...

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