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(im′bĕ-sĭl) [L. imbecillus, feeble] In former medical and legal usage, a person with moderate or severe mental deficiency (mental age between 3 and 7 years and IQ between 21 and 50). SEE: idiot; mental retardation; moron.


(im″bĕ-sil′ĭt-ē) In former medical and legal usage, moderate to severe mental retardation. SEE: imbecile; mental retardation.


(ĭm-bĕd′) [L. in, in, (put) into, + AS. bedd, bed] In histology, to surround with a firm substance, such as paraffin, preparatory to cutting sections. SEE: embedding.


(ĭm″bĭ-bĭsh′ŭn) [″ + bibere, to drink] The absorption of fluid by a solid body or gel.

imbricated, imbrication

(ĭm′brĭ-kāt-ĕd, ĭm″brĭ-kā′shŭn) [L. imbricare, to tile] 1. Overlapping, as tiles. 2. The overlapping of aponeurotic layers in abdominal surgery.

Imerslund syndrome

[Olga Imerslund, Norwegian pediatrician, 1907–1987] A rare, autosomal recessive form of vitamin B12 deficiency, also known as juvenile-type pernicious anemia.


(ĭm-ĭd-ăz′ōl) An organic compound, C3H4N2, characterized structurally by the presence of the heterocyclic ring that occurs in histidine and histamine.


(ĭm′īd) A compound with the bivalent atom group (—NH).


Immunomodulatory drugs that are chemical analogues of thalidomide. The drugs are used to treat neoplastic diseases (such as multiple myeloma), and inflammatory or autoimmune illnesses.


intramuscular immune globulin.


(ĭm″mă-tūr′) [L. in-, not, + maturus, ripe] Not fully developed or ripened.

immature platelet

Reticulated platelet.


[″ + mediare, to be in middle] Direct; without intervening steps.

immediately dangerous to life and health

ABBR: IDLH. Severely contaminated with toxic substances, or otherwise physically incapable of sustaining normal biological functions.

immediately dangerous to life and health air concentration value

ABBR: IDLH. The presence in the atmosphere of any inhalable agent capable of causing severe injury or death after a brief exposure to it. In operational terms, the presence of any airborne contaminant that people should avoid unless they have access to respiratory protection.


(i-mĕr′zhŏn, shŏn) [L. immersio, a dip into] 1. Placing a body under water or other fluid. 2. In microscopy, the act of immersing the objective (then called an immersion lens) in water or oil, preventing total reflection of rays falling obliquely upon peripheral portions of the objective.

homogeneous i. Immersion in which the stratum ...

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