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(mī′ōp) [Gr. myein, to shut, + ops, eye] One afflicted with myopia (nearsightedness).


(mī″ō-pĕr-ĭ-kar-dī′tĭs) [Gr. mys, muscle, + peri, around, + kardia, heart, + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the pericardium and cardiac muscular wall.


(mī-ō′pē-ă) [Gr. myein, to shut, + ops, eye] An error in refraction in which light rays are focused in front of the retina, enabling the person to see distinctly for only a short distance. A negative (concave) lens of proper strength will correct this condition. SYN: nearsightedness. SEE: emmetropia for illus. myopic (mī-ŏp′ĭk), adj.

 PREVENTION: Increasing the amount of time children spend playing outdoors may decrease the incidence of myopia.

axial m. Myopia due to elongation of the axis of the eye.

index m. Myopia resulting from abnormal refractivity of the media of the eye.

progressive m. Myopia that increases steadily during adult life.

transient m. Myopia seen in spasm of accommodation, as in acute iritis or iridocyclitis.


(mī′ō-plăzm) [Gr. mys, muscle, + LL. plasma, form, mold] The contractile part of the muscle cell, as differentiated from the sarcoplasm.


(mī′ō-plăs′tĭk) [ʺ + plassein, to form] Pert. to the plastic use of muscle tissue or plastic surgery on muscles.


(mī-ō-plăs″tē) Plastic surgery of muscle tissue.


(mī″ō-rĭth′mē-ŭ) [ʺ + ″] A coarse muscular tremor of the hands or feet.


(mī″ō-sar-kō′mă) [ʺ + sarx, flesh, + oma, tumor] A malignant tumor derived from myogenic cells.


(mī′ŏ-sĭn) [my- + 2-ose + -in] A protein present in muscle fibrils and constituting about 45% of total muscle protein. It consists of long chains of polypeptides joined by side chains. Myosin and actin are the contractile proteins in muscle fibers. Myosin catalyzes the removal of the third phosphate from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), thereby releasing the energy needed for contraction. SEE: sarcomere; actin.


(mī-ō-sī′tĭs) [ʺ + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of muscle tissue, esp. voluntary muscles caused, for example, by infection, trauma, autoimmunity, or infestation by parasites. SEE: fibromyalgia.

interstitial m. Myositis with hyperplasia of connective tissue.

m. ossificans Bone formation occurring at an abnormal anatomical site, usually in soft tissue, e.g., ossification of the intramuscular fascia after an injury.

traumatic m. Myositis due to physical injury. The condition may be ...

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