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Extreme mental or emotional unhappiness.


The performance of a legal act in an improper or unlawful manner.

misidentification syndrome

(mis″ī-den″tĭ-fĭ-kāʹshŏn) The delusion that a person, an object, or an environment has been duplicated and placed in a new location distant from the location of the original.


1. Data or information concerning a patient that may be erroneously assumed to be accurate (e.g., inaccurate laboratory data, unreliable historical data from the patient or the family, and transcription errors in recording data). 2. Inaccurate information of any kind.


V-Q mismatch.

mismatched related donor

SEE: under donor.

mismatch repair deficient

ABBR: dMMR. Lacking the ability to fix mutated base pairs or genetic sequences in a nucleic acid strand.

mismatch repair protein

Any protein that corrects base pair abnormalities in a nucleic acid sequence.


(mi-sogʹă-mē) [Gr. misos, hatred + Gr. gamos, marriage] Hatred of or aversion to marriage.


(mĭ-sojʹĭ-nĭst) [misogyn(y) + -ist] One who hates women.


(mis-ojʹĭn-ē) [Gr. misos, hatred + Gr. gynē, woman] Aversion to or hatred of women. SEE: misandry.


An incorrect, dishonest, or false represenation of facts.

missed period

SEE: under period.

missile effect

Undesirable movement of metallic objects that are subjected to a strong magnetic field, as in magnetic resonance imaging.

missing data bias

Reliance on conclusions drawn from incomplete information.


Aerosolized liquid or particles.


In England and other parts of the British Commonwealth, the title of address of a surgeon.


1. The therapeutic use of mists, e.g., as a means of administering a drug for inhalation. 2. The use of aerosols to coat objects, e.g., to protect the skin with insect repellent.


(misʹĕl-tō″) A small flowering shrub (Viscum album) native to Eurasia, that grows high on the limbs of leafy trees. It is used in homeopathy to treat conditions associated with high blood pressure.

image Viscumin, a toxic lectin, has been isolated from Viscum album.


(mĭs-trŭstʹ) Lack of confidence; suspicion.

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