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milk fever

SEE: under fever.


1. Removal of the contents of a tubular structure, such as the urethra, by compressing the tube with the fingers and moving them along the course of the tube and away from the origin of the urethra. This maneuver forces material out of the tube that might not otherwise be seen or available for study. 2. Stroking or tugging on the soft tissue near a joint space to determine if it holds an abnormal collection of fluid (an effusion). SEE: effusion; strip.

milk leg

Phlegmasia alba dolens.

milk letdown, letdown

The ejection of a mother’s milk from the alveoli of the breast into the mammary ducts and to the nipple.

Milkman syndrome

(milkʹmăn) [Louis A. Milkman, U.S. roentgenologist, 1895–1951] Failure of reabsorption of phosphate by the renal tubules. This failure causes osteomalacia that produces a transverse striped area of multiple pseudofractures in bone x-rays.

milk thistle

(milk thisʹĕl) An annual or biennial herb (Silybum marianum) promoted as a treatment for liver disorders. SYN: silymarin.

Miller-Abbott tube

(mĭlʹĕr-ābʹŏt) [Thomas Grier Miller, U.S. physician, 1886–1981; William Osler Abbott, U.S. physician, 1902–1943] A double-channel intestinal tube used to relieve intestinal obstruction. Inserted through a nostril, the tube is passed through the stomach into the small intestine.

Miller Analogies Test

(mĭlʹĕr) ABBR: MAT. A test to assess a person’s ability to see the connections between words or concepts. The test consists of 100 core items designed in the following format: X is to Y as ? is to B, where ? denotes a blank that must be filled in with one of several choices. The test may be administered to children to measure their language ability, knowledge, and ability to reason, and to others as part of a battery of neuropsychiatric tests.

Miller Assessment for Preschoolers

[Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., contemporary occupational therapist] ABBR: MAP. A widely used standardized developmental screening test for youngsters from 2 to 5 years of age. It contains sensory, motor, and cognitive performance items.

Miller-Fisher syndrome

(mĭlʹĕr-fĭshʹĕr) An acute polyneuropathy thought to represent a variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Its characteristic features include: difficulty walking, loss of reflexes, and extraocular paralysis. The disease often follows infections with and may be caused by an abnormal immune response to certain pathogens, esp. Campylobacter jejuni and certain viruses. It is treated with plasmapheresis. Recovery is usually complete within a few months.


[L. mille, thousand] In the International System of Units (SI), a ...

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