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(metʺă-sĕr-karʹē-ēʺ) Plural of metacercaria.


(metʺă-sesʹtōdʺ) [meta- + cestode] The larval stage in the lifecycle of a tapeworm. SEE: tapeworm.

metachromasia, metachromatism

(metʺă-krō-māʹzh(ē-)ă, metʺă-krōmʹă-tizm) [meta- + -chromasia] Histological staining in which one stain may produce a variety of colors in the tissues. The colors are different from that of the dye used. metachromatic (metʺă-krō-matʹĭk), adj.

metachromatic granule

(metʺă-krō-matʹĭk) SEE: under granule.

metachromatic leukodystrophy

SEE: leukodystrophy, metachromatic.


(mĕ-tăkʹră-nŭs) [ʺ + Gr. chronos, time] Not simultaneous; not concurrent. Occurring after another event.


(met-ă-kog-nishʹŏn) Awareness of the knowledge that one possesses or of one’s current thought processes. SEE: insight.


(mĕtʹă-kōn) [Gr. meta, after, beyond, over, + konos, cone] The distobuccal cusp of an upper molar tooth.


(mĕt-ă-kŏnʹĭd) The mesiolingual cusp of a lower molar tooth.


(mĕt-ă-kŏnʹūl) The distal intermediate cusp of an upper molar tooth.


(metʺă-jenʹĕ-sĭs) [meta- + genesis] Alternation of generations. metagenetic (metʺjĕ-netʹik), adj.


(metʺă-gonʹĭ-mŭs) [meta- + Gr. gonimos, fruitful, productive] A genus of flukes belonging to the family Heterophyidae. SEE: Heterophyidae.

M. yokogawai A species common in the Middle and Far East that normally infests the intestines of dogs, cats, and other animals, but is also commonly found in humans. Intermediate hosts are snails and fish, esp. a species of trout, Plecoglossus altivelis.


(mĕtʺă-inʺflă-māʹshŏn) [Gr. meta + L. inflammare] Low-grade, chronic inflammation usually associated with obesity.


(mĕtʺă-ī-ōʺdō-bĕnʺzĭl-gwahʹnĭ-dēnʺ) ABBR: MIBG. A precursor of a neurotransmitter that is used for a variety of nuclear medicine studies, including the detection of neuroectodermal tumors, e.g., neuroblastoma or pheochromocytoma, and myocardial perfusion imaging.


(mĕtʺă-kĭ-nēʹsĭs) Moving apart, esp. the moving of the two chromatids of each chromosome away from each other as they move to opposite poles in the anaphase of mitosis.


(metʹăl) [L. metallum fr. Gr. metallon, mine, quarry, metal] Any of a class of elements (such as gold, silver, nickel) and their alloys (such as brass, bronze), all of which are crystalline when solid and many of which are opaque, shiny, capable of conducting electrons, and can be shaped by heat and pressure. Most elements are metals.

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