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(mĕsʺĕn-kī-mōʹmă) A neoplasm containing a mixture of mesenchymal and fibrous tissue.


(mĕsʺĕn-tĕr-īʹtĭs) [ʺ + ʺ + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the mesentery.


(mes-enʹtĕ-ronʺ, mez-enʹtĕ-ronʺ) The middle portion of the embryonic digestive tract.


(mesʹĕn-terʺē, mezʹĕn-terʺē) [meso- + entero-] The peritoneal fold that encircles the small intestine and connects it to the posterior abdominal wall. Other abdominal organs also have a mesentery. mesenteric (mesʺĕn-terʹik, mezʺĕn-terʹik), adj.


Medical Subject Headings. A list of the medical words used in storing and retrieving medical references by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. SEE: MEDLARS.


A prosthetic patch or fabric used to repair or reinforce hernias, burns, and other defects. A split-thickness skin graft may be formed into a mesh which may be applied to a burn or other cutaneous defects requiring extensive covering. SEE: mesh graft.

mesh graft

SEE: under graft.

mesiad, mesad

(mēʹzē-adʺ, mē-sē-adʺ, mēʹsădʺ, mēʹzădʺ) [mesio-, meso- + -ad] Toward the median plane of a body or part.

mesial, mesal

(mēʹzē-ăl, mēʹsăl, mēʹzăl) [mesio-, meso- + -al (1)] 1. In anatomy, toward the middle point or midline plane. 2. In dentistry, ventral (nearer) to the center of the dental arch.

mesial drift

SEE: under drift.


[mesi(al)] 1. Prefix meaning toward the middle. 2. In dentistry, a prefix meaning mesial.


(mēʺzē-ō-bŭkʹăl) [mesio- + buccal] Pert. to the mesial and buccal surfaces of a tooth or the surfaces involved in a cavity in the tooth.


(ă-lē), adv.


(mēʹzē-ō-dĕnz) A supernumerary tooth, often paired, which typically appears between the maxillary central incisors.

 TREATMENT: Surgical removal of the mesiodens is usually indicated.


(mēʺzē-ō-disʹtăl) [mesio- + distal] In dentistry, pert. to the plane defined by the mesial and distal surfaces of a tooth. mesiodistally (tăl-ē), adv.


(mēʺzē-ō-lāʹbē-ăl) [mesio- + labial] In dentistry, pert. to the mesial and labial surfaces of a tooth or cavity.


(mēʺzē-ō-lingʹgwăl) [mesio- + lingual] In dentistry, pert. to the mesial and lingual surfaces of a tooth or cavity. mesiolingually (gwăl-ē), adv.



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