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medical expulsive therapy, medical expulsion therapy

ABBR: MET. A treatment to increase the likelihood of passing a kidney stone (esp. one lodged in the distal ureter) with calcium channel or alpha blocking medications. MET may decrease the need for invasive urological procedures in patients with stones.

medical geography

The study of disease patterns as influenced by regional or global climate, microbiology, pollution, or other environmental factors; the relationship between the health of populations and the places in which they live.

medical geology

The study of the effects of local or regional concentrations of chemicals or minerals (in air, soil, or water) on animal and human health.

medical hold

A practitioner’s order to keep a patient confined to a specific care center, hospital, or ward.

medical home

A form of health care delivery in which patients receive services from a team composed of a supervising personal primary care provider and a group of midlevel providers, registered nurses, nursing assistants, allied health professionals, and educators. The model relies on evidence-based interventions to coordinate inpatient and outpatient care, facilitate patient access to staff, and disseminate medical information by face-to-face contact or by other means, e.g., electronic communication. Medical homes can lead to higher quality and lower costs. SYN: patient-centered medical home.

medical informatics

SEE: under informatics.

medical intuitive

A person who claims to be able to make diagnoses or treat illnesses on the basis of his or her feelings and intuition rather than on medical education, training, or scientifically evaluated experience.


(medʹĭ-kă-līzʺ) To assume or consider control over or responsibility for conditions previously thought to belong to other political or social realms. Medical professionals view such conditions as diseases amenable to cure or pharmaceutical management. medicalization (medʺĭ-kăl-ĭ-zāʹshŏn), n.

medical jurisprudence

SEE: jurisprudence, medical.

medical laboratory technician

ABBR: MLT. A technician who performs biological and chemical tests requiring limited independent judgment or correlation competency under the supervision of a medical technologist, pathologist, or physician.

medically attended

Cared for by a health care professional.

medically necessary

In health insurance, pert. to any diagnostic, preventative, or therapeutic service that meets community standards of care.

medically needy

In eligibility for Medicaid, pert. to optional criteria allowing states to provide Medicaid to certain groups of clients whose income is too high to make them categorically eligible for Medicaid. The states must cover pregnant women and children under 18; the states ...

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