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(makʺyŭ-lopʹă-thē) [macula + -pathy] Retinal pathology affecting the macula of the eye.

crystalline m. Benign refractile crystals in the retinal macula without visual impairment.

drug-induced m. Damage to the macula of the eye due to exposure to certain drugs, e.g., hydroxychloroquine (to treat autoimmune disorders) or tamoxifen. Patients experience a painless decrease in visual acuity that may resolve when the responsible drug is discontinued.

hypotony m. Folding or wrinkling of the retina or choroid that results from excessively low intraocular pressure, usually less than 5 mm Hg.

myopic m. Macular injury due to extreme nearsightedness SYN: myopic traction m.

myopic traction m. Myopic m.

neovascular m. Any macular disease, including age-related macular degeneration, in which new, abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina, leak blood, and interfere with vision.

radiation m. Damage to the macula of the eye due to irradiation. It may occur after radiotherapy for ocular melanoma.

torpedo m. A congenital nevus of the retinal pigment epithelium, usually an asymptomatic finding on retinal examination.

Valsalva m. SEE: under Valsalva, Antonio M.


1. Not rational; insane. 2. Angry. 3. Rash, foolish, frantic. 4. Suffering from infection with rabies.


(măd-ă-rōʹsĭs) [Gr. madaros, bald] Loss of eyelashes or eyebrows.

mad cow disease

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.


(madʹĕr) A plant (Rubia tinctorum) of the family Rubiaceae, from which the red dye alizarin is derived. SEE: alizarin; Rubiaceae.

Madelung, Otto

(modʹĕ-lungʺ) Ger. surgeon, 1846–1926.

M. deformity Displacement of the hand to the radial side due to relative overgrowth of the ulna.

M. disease Generalized symmetrical deposits of fatty tissue (lipomas) on the upper back, shoulders, and neck. SYN: Madelung neck.

made with organic ingredients

A designation for food that specifies that 70% of its components are organic.

mad honey disease

Slowing of the heart rate, sinus arrest, and loss of consciousness resulting from the consumption of honey produced by bees that consume rhododendron nectar. Rhododendron honey contains grayanotoxins, which adversely affect electrochemically active cells in the cardiac pacemaker and conducting system.

Madura foot

(mă-doorʹă) [from the Madur district in India where the disease was first described in 1842] A local, painless maduromycosis (mycetoma) of an exposed area, esp. bare feet. It consists of swollen infected tissues with sinus tracts and a purulent, grainy discharge. Madura foot ...

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