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SEE: levofloxacin.


(lē-vā′tor) pl. levatores [L., lifter] 1. A muscle that raises or elevates a part; opposite of depressor. 2. An instrument that lifts depressed portions.

l. ani A broad muscle that helps to form the floor of the pelvis.

l. palpebrae superioris A muscle that elevates the upper eyelid.

levator ani syndrome

Chronic pain and/or pressure felt in the anus or high in the rectum. The cause is unknown, but muscular tension or spasm, nerve irritation, or tendinitis may contribute. Some patients improve with injections of corticosteroid medications.

LeVeen shunt

(lă-vēn′) [Harry LeVeen, U.S. surgeon, 1917–1997] Peritoneovenous shunt

level of health care

SEE: health care system.


(lĕv′ĕr, lē′vĕr) [L. levare, to raise] A rigid bar used to modify direction, force, and motion. A type of simple machine that provides the user with a mechanical advantage. Levers are used to facilitate the moving and lifting of objects too heavy or awkward for one to move unassisted.

Levey-Jennings chart

(lev′ē-jen′ingz) [S. Levey, 20th-century U.S. statistician; E.N. Jennings, 20th-century U.S. statistician] A representation of the (permissible) error in laboratory test performance.

Levine, Myra

(lĕ-vēn′) A nursing educator, died 1996, who developed the Conservation Model of Nursing.

Levine sign

(lĕ-vēn″) [Samuel A. Levine, U.S. cardiologist, 1891–1966] Holding a clenched fist over the sternum, a characteristic gesture of those who frequently experience anginal chest pain.

Levin tube

(lĕ-vin′) [Abraham L. Levin, U.S. physician, 1880–1940] A catheter usually introduced through the nose and extending into the stomach. It is used to help prevent accumulation of intestinal liquids and gas during and after intestinal surgery. This tube is often referred to as a nasogastric tube. A variant includes the addition of a sump channel, which helps to reduce gas build-up in the upper gastrointestinal tract. SEE: Salem sump tube.

Levisticum officinale

(lĕ-vis′tĭ-kŭm ŭ-fis″ĭ-nā′lē) SEE: lovage.


(lev″ī-tā′shŏn) [L. levis, light] The subjective sensation of rising in the air or moving through the air unsupported. It occurs in dreams, altered states of consciousness, and certain mental disorders.

levo-, lev-

[L. laevus, (on the left)] Prefixes meaning left, on the left, or levorotatory.


(lē″vō-kăr′dē-ă) [L. laevus, left, + Gr. kardia, heart] A term describing the normal position of the heart when other viscera are inverted. SEE: dextrocardia.



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