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lensectomy, lentectomy

(lĕn-zĕk’tō-mē) [L. lens, lentil, + Gr. ektome, excision] The surgical removal of the lens of the eye.


(len-zom′ĕt-ĕr) [lens + -meter] A device that measures the refractive power of a lens.


late effect of normal tissue.


(lĕn″tĭ-kō′nŭs) [″ + conus, cone] Conical protrusion of the anterior or posterior surface of the lens.


(lĕn-tĭk′ū-lăr) [L. lenticularis, lentil] 1. Lens shaped. SYN: lentiform. 2. Pert. to a lens.


(lent′ĭ-kūl″) A segment of a lens.


(lĕn-tĭk″ū-lō-strī′āt) [″ + striatus, streaked] Rel. to the lenticular nucleus and corpus striatum of the basal ganglia.


(lĕn-tĭk″ū-lō-thă-lăm′ĭk) Pert. to the lenticular nucleus and the thalamus.


(lĕnt′ĭ-form) [L. lens, lentil, + forma, shape] Lenticular (1).


(lĕn-tĭj″ĭ-nō′sĭs) [L. lentigo, freckle, + Gr. osis, condition] The presence of multiple lentigines. SEE: lentigo.


(lĕn-tĭj′ĭn-ŭs) [L. lentigo, freckle] 1. Affected by lentigo. 2. Covered with very small dots.


(lĕn-tī′gō) pl. lentigines [L., freckle] Freckle.

l. maligna A pigmented lesion of the skin in which a large number of superficial, atypical melanocytes are found. SYN: Hutchinson freckle. SEE: illus.




SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Carl Washington, MD


l. senilis Solar l.

solar l. A flat brown spot usually appearing on sun-exposed skin, such as the face or the back of the hands. They are commonly found on the skin of older individuals. Although they are popularly referred to as “liver spots,” they are not caused by diseases of the liver. SYN: l. senilis.

lentinus edodes

(len′tĭ-nŭs Äĕ-dōds′) An edible mushroom (commonly known as “Shiitake”) whose polysaccharide extracts have anti-inflammatory and possibly anticancer effects.


(lĕn″tĭ-vī′rŭs) [L. lentus, slow] A group of retroviruses that cause slowly developing diseases as a result of the gradual killing of lymphoid cells. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is included in this group of viruses.


(lē″ŏn-tī′ă-sĭs) [Gr. leon, lion, + -iasis, condition] Lionlike appearance of the face seen in certain diseases, esp. lepromatous leprosy. SYN: facies leontina.

l. ossea Enlargement and distortion of facial bones, giving one ...

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