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(hī″pĕr-glī-sē′mĭk) [Gr. hyper-, above, excessive, + glykys, sweet, + haima, blood] 1. Pert. to an elevated blood glucose concentration. 2. An agent that produces an elevated blood glucose level.


(hī″pĕr-glĭs″ĕr-ĭ-dē′mē-ă) Hypertriglyceridemia.


(hī″pĕr-glī″sĭ-nē′mē-ă) An accumulation of glycine in the blood. It is caused by a congenital defect in the ability to metabolize the amino acid glycine. There are at least six forms of this disease, all of which are associated with mental and growth retardation.


(hī″pĕr-gō′năd-izm) [hyper- + gomad + -ism] Hyperfunction of the gonads, resulting in excess testosterone or estrogen.


(hī″pĕr-graf′ē-ă) [hyper- + -graph(y) + -ia] A compulsion to write. It is found in people with temporal lobe epilepsy and right hemispheric strokes and tumors.


(hī-pŭr-hē-mŭ-lī-sŭs) Massive red blood cell breakdown, esp. after a transfusion of mismatched blood.

hyperhidrosis, hyperhydrosis

(hī″pĕr-hī-drō′sĭs) [hyper- + hidrosis] Greater than normal sweating considering the ambient temperature. SEE: bromidrosis; sweat.

 ETIOLOGY: The sweating may be caused by stimulants, sepsis, hyperthyroidism, menopausal hot flashes, obesity, intense activation of the sympathetic nervous system, and other conditions.

 TREATMENT: If the sweating is due to a systemic disease, appropriate therapy for that condition is indicated. If localized, application of a 20% solution of aluminum chloride hexahydrate in absolute alcohol at night with occlusive dressings is helpful. The dressed sites must be dried before application and the salt washed away in the morning.

sleep h. Night sweat.


(hī″pĕr-hō″mō-sĭs-tē″ĭn-ēm′ē-ă) [″ + ″] Elevated levels of homocysteine in the bloodstream. High levels of homocysteine are found in the blood of patients with homocystinuria. Mildly elevated levels are found in many persons who consume a Western diet.


(hī″pĕr-hī-drā′shŭn) [″ + ″] Excessive fluid intake, e.g., before athletic events or in some psychiatric illnesses. SEE: water intoxication.

Hypericum perforatum

(hī-per′ĭ-kŭm pĕr-fōr-āt′-ŭm) SEE: Saint John’s wort.


(hī″pĕ-rim-ūn′) [hyper- + immune] Pert. to an immunity that is greater than normal. hyperimmunity (hī″pĕ-rim-ūn′ĭt-ē), n.

hyperimmunoglobulinemia E syndrome

(hī″pĕr-ĭm″ū-nō-glŏb″ū-lĭn-ēm′ē-ă, -mū″) An autosomal dominant disorder marked by high serum levels of IgE; eczema, mucosal candidiasis, and other cutaneous infections; pulmonary infections; retained primary dentition; scoliosis; and increased frequency of fractures.


(hī″pĕr-in-flā′shŏn) [hyper- + inflation] An excess of air in anything, esp. the lungs. Hyperinflation occurring distally to ...

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