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(hī-drē′mē-ă) [Gr. hydor, water, + haima, blood] An excess of watery fluid in the blood.


(hī′drīd) A chemical compound containing hydrogen and an element or radical.

hydro-, hydr-

[L. hydr(o)-, fr. Gr. hydōr, water] Prefixes meaning water, liquid, or hydrogen.


(hī-drō′ă) [L. hydroa, fr Gr. hidrōia, prickly heat] Any bullous skin eruption.

h. vacciniforme ABBR: HV. A vesicular rash that heals with crusting and scarring of sun-exposed regions of the skin. HV is a rare disease, typically occurring in children under 10. The rash heals with scars that resemble skin vaccination scars. HV may be prevented by wearing protective clothing or by using sunscreens.


(hī″drō-brō′māt) [″ + bromos, stench] A salt of hydrobromic acid.


(hī″drō-kăr′bŏn) [″ + L. carbo, coal] A compound made up primarily of hydrogen and carbon.

alicyclic h. A hydrocarbon that contains cyclic and straight-chain components.

aliphatic h. A straight-chain hydrocarbon that contains no cyclic component.

aromatic h. A hydrocarbon in which the carbon atoms are in a ring, or cyclic, configuration.

cyclic h. A ring-shaped hydrocarbon.

saturated h. A hydrocarbon in which the carbon atoms are linked by a single electron pair and in which all valences are satisfied.

unsaturated h. A hydrocarbon in which carbon atoms share two or three pairs of electrons.


(hī′drŏ-sēl″) [hydro- + -cele] The accumulation of serous fluid in a saclike cavity, esp. in the tunica vaginalis testis. It may be caused by infection or trauma.

acute h. The most common hydrocele. The majority of cases occur suddenly between the second and fifth years, usually the result of inflammation of the epididymis or testis.

cervical h. A hydrocele in the neck resulting from the accumulation of serous fluid in the persistent cervical duct or cleft.

congenital h. A hydrocele present at birth, resulting from failure of closure of the vaginal process.

encysted h. A hydrocele in the vaginal process in which openings to the scrotal and peritoneal cavities are closed.

h. feminae A cystlike sac of serous fluid in the labia majora or canal of Nuck. SYN: h. muliebris.

h. hernialis A condition in which a hernia accompanies infantile or congenital hydrocele and peritoneal fluid accumulates in a hernial sac.

infantile h. Peritoneal fluid in the tunica vaginalis and vaginal process with ...

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