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hospital-at-home care

SEE: under care.

hospital bed entrapment

Injury to a patient as a result of getting stuck within or pinned down by components of a hospital bed, e.g., between the bed rails and bed frame, or the mattress and head board. Entrapped body parts associated with risk for severe injury include the head, neck, limbs, and chest. SYN: bed entrapment.

hospital consumer assessment of health care providers and systems

ABBR: HBCAHPS. A national American survey for identifying a patient’s experiences during and satisfaction with a recent hospitalization.

hospital cost-to-charge ratio

The total amount of money required to operate a hospital, divided by the sum of the revenues received from patient care and all other operating revenues.

hospital discharge

An official release from hospital care or from a medical care facility by a physician or other medical care worker.

hospital information system

ABBR: HIS. A large computerized database management system that processes patient data in order to support patient care. The system is used by health care clinicians to access patient data and to plan, implement, and evaluate care. SYN: clinical information system; patient information system.


[hospital, + -ism] 1. The air of depression and apathy that often surrounds a group of seriously ill patients, esp. if they are in an overcrowded ward. 2. A neurotic tendency to seek hospitalization and, once hospitalized, to resist being discharged.


A physician in charge of caring for hospitalized patients. These practitioners are rarely involved in outpatient care; they concentrate their efforts on caring for emergency patients, critical care patients, and patients confined to wards.


The confinement of a patient in a hospital.

hospital network

A group of affiliated hospitals that share a common administration, financial structure, mission, and clinical assets (equipment, technology, supply chain, and professional staff).

Hospital Quality Alliance

ABBR: HQA. An alliance formed in 2002 by hospitals, health insurers, health care professional organizations, and public agencies interested in health care quality.

 It develops and publishes information for the general public on health-related quality, cost, and value on its website,

hospital referral region

ABBR: HRR. A region of the U.S. containing at least one active cardiovascular and neurosurgical treatment center.

hospital twinning

The sharing of resources between two or more hospitals, typically one in an urban, industrialized area and another in a less developed country or region. Twinning ...

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