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(dī′ă-līz″) To perform a dialysis.


(dī′ă-līz″ĕr) [dialyze] The apparatus used in performing dialysis. SYN: artificial kidney; hemodialyzer.


(dī-am′ĕt-ĕr) [dia- + -meter] The distance from any point on the periphery of a surface, body, or space to the opposite point.

biparietal d. ABBR: BPD. The transverse distance between the parietal eminences on each side of the head (about 3.6 in [9.25 cm]).

conjugate d. Conjugate (2).

mesiodistal d. The measurement of a tooth from the ventral or mesial surface to the distal or dorsal surface.

Diameter Index Safety System

ABBR: DISS. A set of engineering standards preventing users of compressed gases from linking pressurized gas holding tanks to the wrong hoses or tubing. The standards designate specific-sized connectors for each different medical gas. The system is designed to prevent delivering room air or nitrogen to a patient in need of oxygen therapy.

image Whenever gases, e.g., anesthetics, nebulized medications, or oxygen, are administered to patients, the identity of the source gas, and the required flow rates or concentrations should be verified and monitored.


(dī-ăm′ĭd, -īd) [L. di, two, + amide] A compound that contains two inorganic amine groups. The term is sometimes used incorrectly to indicate a diamine or hydrazine.


(dī-ăm′ĭ-dēn) Any chemical compound that contains two amidine, C(NH)NH2, groups.


(dī-ăm′ĭn, -ēn) A chemical compound with two amino, —NH2, groups.


(dī″ă-mēn″ō-bĕn′zĭ-dēn″) ABBR: DAB. A chromogen, C12H14N4, used in immunocytochemistry to highlight peroxidase.

Diamond-Blackfan anemia, Blackfan-Diamond syndrome

(dī′(ă-)mŏnd-blak′fan″) [Louis Klein Diamond, Ukrainian-born U.S. pediatrician, 1902–1999; Kenneth Daniel Blackfan, U.S. pediatrician, 1883–1941] A rare, severe normochromic macrocytic anemia of neonates and infants in which vitamin B12 and folate levels are normal or elevated and reticulocytosis is inadequately low.

 TREATMENT: The anemia may respond to corticosteroid therapy or may require repeated transfusions. SYN: congenital hypoplastic anemia; erythroblastopenia; erythrogenesis imperfecta.


(dī″ă-pĕ-dē′sĭs) [dia- + Gr. pēdēsis, a leap; jump] The movement of white blood cells and other cells out of small arterioles, venules, and capillaries as part of the inflammatory response. The cells move through gaps between cells in the vessel walls. SEE: illus.; inflammation.






(dī′ă-fān) [Gr. dia, through, + phainein, to appear] A very small electric ...

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