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Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes

ABBR: KDIGO. An international foundation administered by the National Kidney Foundation (U.S.) that aims to foster collaboration in the study of kidney diseases and the dissemination of the best treatment practices through the publication of clinical guidelines.

Kienböck, Robert

(kēn′bek″, bök″) Austrian radiologist, 1871–1953.

K. disease Osteochondrosis or slow degeneration of the lunate bone of the wrist, usually resulting from trauma. Radiographic evidence includes sclerosis and collapse of the lunate bone. Treatment goals are to reduce pain, maintain motion, and prevent carpal collapse and ultimately arthritis. Untreated, it may result in loss of ulnar deviation.


[Fr. fr. Gr. chilioi, a thousand] ABBR: k., K. In the Système International d′nités (SI system), a prefix meaning 1000.


(kil′ŏ-bās″) ABBR: kb. A unit indicating the length of a nucleic acid sequence. One kb is 1000 nucleotide bases long.


(kĭl′ō-kăl″ŏ-rē) ABBR: C, kcal. A unit of measure for heat. In nutrition, a kilocalorie is known as a large Calorie and is always written with a capital C. SEE: calorie.


(kĭl′ō-sī″k’l) ABBR: kc. One thousand cycles; previous name for kilohertz.


(kil′ŏ-dolt″ŏn) [kilo- + dalton] ABBR: kD, kDa. A unit of molecular mass consisting of 1000 daltons.


(kĭl′ō-grăm″) [Fr. kilo, a thousand, + gramme, a weight] ABBR: kg. One thousand grams or 2.2 lb avoirdupois. A unit of mass. SEE: newton; pascal.


(kĭl′ō-grăm″-mē′tĕr) ABBR: kg-m. The work required to raise a mass of 1 kg by a height of 1 m.


(kĭl′ō-hĕrtz″) ABBR: kHz. In electricity, a unit of 1000 cycles; formerly called kilocycle.


(kil′ŏ-jool″) [kilo- + joule] ABBR: kJ. One thousand joules. Nutritionally, one kilojoule is equal to one calorie.


(kĭl′ō-lē″tĕr) [Fr. kilolitre] ABBR: kl, kL. One thousand liters.


(kil′ŏ-mēt″ĕr, kĭ-lom′ĕt-ĕr) [Fr. kilomètre] ABBR: K, km. In the metric system, one thousand meters, or 3281 feet (roughly 0.62 mile).


(kil″ŏ-pas-kal′) [kilo- + pascal] ABBR: kPa. In SI units, a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals. SEE: pascal.


(kil″ŏ-ū′nĭt) One thousand units.


(kil′ŏ-vōlt″) ABBR: kV. One thousand volts.

kilovoltage peak

(kĭl′ō-vōlt″ĭj) ABBR: kVp. The ...

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