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Symbol for joule.

Jaboulay, Mathieu

(zha-boo-lā′) Fr. surgeon, 1860–1913.


[Fr. jacquet, jacket] A bandage usually applied to the trunk to immobilize the spine or correct deformities.

porcelain j. A jacket crown tooth restoration made of porcelain.


(jăk′skroo) A threaded screw used for expanding the dental arch or for positioning bone fragments after a fracture.

jacksonian seizure

(jak-sō′nē-ăn) [John Hughlings Jackson, Brit. neurologist, 1835–1911] SEE: under seizure.

Jackson-Pratt drain

(jak′sŏn-prat′) A soft tube placed in an operative site to drain blood and inflammatory fluid following surgery. The tube is connected to a small, compressed, plastic bulb. The compression creates suction; the bulb expands as it fills. The collected liquid is emptied and measured when the bulb is about 60% filled, and the bulb is recompressed. The drains are removed when only minimal drainage is observed. Fluid in a surgical wound interferes with healing, can place pressure on suture sites, and increases the risk of infection.

Jackson syndrome

A dysfunction of cranial nerves X through XII caused by medullary lesions, resulting in unilateral muscle paralysis in the head, the mouth including the soft palate, and the vocal cords.

Jacob, Arthur

(jā′kŏb) Irish ophthalmologist, 1790–1874.

J. ulcer Rodent ulcer.


(jăk-tā′shē-ō) [L., tossing] Restless tossing of the head and body; seen in acute illness. SYN: jactitation.

j. capitis nocturna A form of sleep disturbance characterized by nocturnal head-banging.


(jăk″tĭ-tā′shŭn) [L. jactitatio, tossing] Jactatio.

Jadad score

[A.R. Jadad, contemporary Brit. physician] A tabulation of the academic rigor and quality of a clinical trial, based on its randomization, blinding, and monitoring of patient withdrawals and dropouts.

jamais vu

(zhăm′ā voo) [Fr., never seen] The subjective sense of being in a completely strange environment when in familiar surroundings. It may be associated with temporal lobe lesions. SEE: déjà vu.

Janeway lesion

(jān′wā″) [Edward Gamaliel Janeway, U.S. physician, 1841–1911] A small, painless, red-blue macular lesion a few millimeters in diameter, found on the palms and soles in patients with subacute bacterial endocarditis. SEE: Osler nodes; Roth spots.


(jăn′ĭ-sĕps) [L. Janus, a two-faced god, + caput, head] A deformed embryo having a face on both the anterior and the posterior aspects of the single head.

Jansky-Bielschowsky syndrome


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