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(gloot) glucose transporter (any of a family of six closely related cell membrane proteins that carry glucose from the blood into cells). Slightly different GLUTs are found in different organs, e.g., in brain, muscle, and are designated GLUT 1, GLUT 2, up to GLUT 6.


(gloo′tă-māt) A salt of glutamic acid that functions as the brain’s main excitatory neurotransmitter.

glutamate dehydrogenase antigen

(gloo′tă-māt″ dē″hī-droj′ĕ-nās″) SEE: under antigen.


(gloot′ă-mĭ-nās″, ″gloo-tam′ ĭ-, -nāz″) [glutamine + -ase] An enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of glutamine into glutamic acid and ammonia.


(gloo′tă-mĭn, gloo′tă-mēn″) ABBR: Q, or, Gln. A nonessential amino acid synthesized within the body primarily by skeletal muscle cells.


(gloot′ă-ral″) A solution of glutaraldehyde in sterile water. It is used as a disinfectant, has been used in pulpotomy, and is a component of some cosmetics.


(gloo″tă-răl′dĕ-hīd) 1. A sterilizing agent effective against all microorganisms including viruses and spores. 2. A fixative, usually followed by osmium, when preparing tissue specimens for transmission electron microscopy.


(gloot-ă-thī′ōn″) [gluta(mic acid) + thio- + -one] ABBR: GSH. C10H17N3O6S; a tripeptide of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Found in small quantities in active animal tissues, it takes up and gives off hydrogen and is a powerful antioxidant important in cellular respiration.

PATIENT CARE: Overdose with acetaminophen depletes glutathione resources in the liver, resulting in hepatic failure. This toxic effect can be reversed by giving acetylcysteine (a biochemical precursor of cysteine and glutathione) to the intoxicated patient, if treatment can be initiated within 12 hr of dosing.

reduced g. The redox form of glutathione present in red blood cells.

glutathione peroxidase

(gloot-ă-thī′ōn″ pĕ-rok′sĭ-dās″) An antioxidant enzyme that scavenges hydrogen peroxide from blood and other tissues. Deficiencies of the enzyme have been linked to an increased risk of acute coronary syndrome.


(gloot′ē-ăl) [L. gluteus, fr. Gr. gloutos, rump, buttock + -al] Pert. to the buttocks or the gluteus muscles.


(gloot′ĕn) [L. gluten, glue] A group of proteins, found in barley, oats, rye, and wheat, that give flour its stickiness. Immunological intolerance to gluten causes celiac sprue. glutenous (gloot′ĕn-ŭs), adj.


Containing little or no barley, oat, rye, or wheat proteins. The phrase is used to certify that particular foods or nutritional products are safe to eat for people with celiac disease.


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