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(glăn′dĕrz) A contagious infection caused by Burkholderia mallei in horses, donkeys, mules, and other animals. It is communicable to humans, but no cases have occurred in the Western Hemisphere since 1938. Experience with the disease is limited, but sulfa drugs are the recommended therapy.

 SYMPTOMS: Patients develop fever, inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes (esp. in the nasal cavity), with formation of ulcers and abscesses. Small subcutaneous nodules develop, break down, and give rise to ulcers. Beginning as small areas, these tend to spread and coalesce and finally involve large areas that exude a viscid, mucopurulent discharge with a foul odor. The infection may occur in an acute or chronic form. In the acute septicemic form, prognosis is grave and the disease is almost invariably fatal.


(glan′jŭ-lă, glan′jŭ-lē″, glan′jŭ-lī″) pl. glandulae Glandule.


(glan′jŭ-lăr) [glandula] Pert. to or of the nature of a gland.


(glan′jool″) small gland. SYN: glandula.


(glanz, glan′dēz″) pl. glandes [L. glans, stem gland-, acorn] A gland. SEE: gland.

g. penis The conical expanded end of the corpus spongiosum of the penis. The urethral orifice is at the tip of the glans, and the foreskin (prepuce) covers the glans (to a variable extent) in uncircumcised males. SEE: penis.

Glanzmann thrombasthenia

(glanz′man″) [Edward Glanzmann, Swiss pediatrician, 1887–1959] A rare autosomal recessive abnormality of platelet glycoprotein IIb-IIIa, characterized by easy bruising and epistaxis that sometimes requires blood transfusions. Bleeding is prolonged, clot retraction is diminished, and platelets do not aggregate during blood coagulation or after addition of adenosine diphosphate. Treatments include platelet transfusions, progestational agents, and iron replacement, among others.


Temporary visual distortion after exposure to bright light. The condition is caused by intense light (visible radiation) emanating from highly reflective objects (such as sunlight reflected on water or snow), or projected by an automobile headlight or by a therapeutic lamp. It can be worsened by ocular conditions such as cataracts or corneal injuries. SEE: dazzle.

Glasgow-Pittsburgh Cerebral Performance Category

Cerebral performance category.


(glas) A hard, brittle, amorphous, transparent material composed of silica and various bases.

cover g. Coverslip.

fiber g. SEE: fiberglass.

fibrous g. Fiberglass.

ground g. Abnormal shadowing seen radiographically. In chest x-ray films, it may indicate interstitial fibrosis of the lung; in abdominal films, it suggests ascites.

photochromic g. Glass that is manufactured to appear clear until light strikes it. When ...

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