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(foot′plāt) The flat part of the stapes, a bone in the middle ear.


The amount of energy required to lift 1 lb of mass a vertical distance of 1 ft.


1. A mark or impression of a foot upon a surface, e.g., sand or mud. 2. An ink impression of an infant’s foot made for identification. 3. The horizontal dimensions (length and breadth) of an object, e.g. of a wheelchair, bed, scanner, or printer. The footprint may also include the vertical dimension (height).


(for′ăj) [Fr., fourrage, fodder] 1. Creation of a channel through an enlarged prostate by use of an electric cautery. This technique may be used in other tissues. 2. Fodder for cattle or horses or cattle. 3. A search for food of any kind.


(fŏ-rā′mĕn, fŏ-ram′ĭ-nă) pl. foramina [L. foramen, stem foramin-, hole, opening] A passage, opening or communication between two cavities, or a hole in a bone, often for the passage of vessels or nerves.

apical f. The foramen in the end of the root of a tooth through which the blood and nerve supplies pass to reach the dental pulp.

f. cecum 1. In the skull, a small round foramen in the midline of the floor of the anterior fossa between the base of the frontal crest and the crista galli of the ethmoid bone. 2. On the tongue, the small midline foramen at the border between the anterior (oral) and the posterior (pharyngeal) portions of the tongue. It is the point from which the thyroid diverticulum (the tubular duct destined to form the thyroid gland) descended in the embryo.

dorsal sacral f. Posterior sacral f.

greater sciatic f. The larger of two posterior foramina into the bony pelvis. On the posterior margin of the ilium and ischium, there are two semicircular indentations, the greater and lesser sciatic notches. Two crossed ligaments (the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments) make these notches into enclosed ovals, the greater and lesser sciatic foramina. The greater sciatic foramen is the upper and larger of these. The gluteal and some hip-joint structures, such as the piriformis and the gluteal nerves and blood vessels, leave the pelvic cavity through this opening, as do the sciatic nerve and the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh. SEE: lesser sciatic f.

incisive f. In the skull, the foramen in the hard (bony) palate immediately behind the central incisors. This foramen lies at the frontmost tip of the intermaxillary suture and is the bottom end of the incisive canal. SYN: palatine foramen; incisive fossa.

infraorbital f. In the skull, the foramen in the maxilla, just ...

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