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(flek′sĭ-bĕl), adj.


(fleks′ĭ-kŭrv″) [flexible + curve] A flexible ruler consisting of a length of lead covered with synthetic rubber and applied to the skin to estimate degree of spinal contour. It has been used to measure kyphosis and lordosis, but its measurements do not always match those found radiographically. SYN: surveyor’s flexicurve.


(fleks′īl, flek′sīl″) [L. flexus, bent] Pliant, flexible.


(flek′shŏn) [L. flexio, stem flexion-, a bend, bending] 1. The act of bending or state of being bent. SEE: antecurvature; dorsiflexion; extension (2). 2. Decrease in the angle between the bones forming a joint.

palmar f. Flexion that decreases the angle between the palm and the anterior forearm.

plantar f. Flexion that decreases the angle between the sole of the foot and the back of the leg, as when or standing on the tiptoe.

volar f. Flexion of the hand toward the volar (palmar) surface of the forearm.


(fleks′or″, fleks′ŏr) [L. flexor, one that bends] A muscle that brings two bones closer together, causing flexion of the part or a decreased angle of the joint. SEE: extensor.


(flek′shŭr) [flexura] 1. A bend. 2. The state or quality of being flexed or bent. 3. Something flexed or bent.

duodenojejunal f. A sharp curve at the meeting point of the jejunum and duodenum. The duodenojejunal flexure hangs from the diaphragm by a thin muscle, the suspensory muscle of the diaphragm.

hepatic f. The bend of the colon under the liver; the junction of the ascending and transverse colon. SYN: right colic flexure.

left colic f. Splenic f.

posterior f. Dorsal f.

right colic f. Hepatic f.

sigmoid f. An S-like curve (in the left iliac fossa) of the descending colon as it joins the rectum. Former name for sigmoid colon. SEE: colon for illus.

splenic f. The bend of the colon near the spleen; the junction of the transverse and descending colon. The splenic fixture is suspended from the diaphragm by the phrenocolic ligament, which passes over the lower part of the left kidney. SYN: left colic flexure. flexural (flek′shŭr-ăl), adj.


The visual sensation of alternating intervals of brightness caused by rhythmic interruption of light stimuli.

flicker phenomenon

A sensation of continuous light caused by an intermittent light stimulus produced at a certain rate.

flight of ideas


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