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feeding pattern, ineffective infant

Impaired ability of an infant to suck or coordinate the suck/swallow response resulting in inadequate oral nutrition for metabolic needs. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.


Payment for specific health care services provided to a patient (as opposed to payments received for the number of patients seen, the number of hours worked, or the number of patients enrolled in a health care panel). The individual or an insurance carrier may make the payment.


1. The conscious experience of emotion. 2. A sensory perception.

Feer disease

(fār) [Emil Feer, Swiss pediatrician, 1864–1955] Acrodynia.

fee splitting

The unethical practice of returning to the referring health care provider a portion of the fee received from a patient who is seen in consultation.


Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing with sensory testing.


(fēt) Pl. of foot.


Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Feingold diet

(fīn′gōld″) [Benjamin Feingold, U.S. pediatrician, 1900–1982] A diet from which all artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, and salicylates have been eliminated. It had been used in treating hyperactive children.


(fel) [L. fel, stem fell-, gall, gall bladder, bile] Bile. SEE: bile.

Fel d 1

feline uteroglobin (the major allergen found in cat dander). It is produced in the sweat glands and epithelial cells of the domestic cat and is transferred to the cat’s fur during self-grooming.

Feldenkrais method

[Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Ukrainian physicist, 1904–1984] A form of therapy devoted to improving limitations of range of motion, improving poor posture, and relieving stress.


(fē′līn″) [L. felinus, felineus, fr feles, cat] Pert. to cats, domestic or wild.

Felis domesticus

(fē′lis dŏ-mes′tĭ-kŭs) [L. felis domesticus, house cat] The scientific name for the domestic cat, house cat. Their dander is a source of allergenic protein. Cat-related allergens are abbreviated Fel by the World Health Organization.

fellatio, fellation

(fĕ-lā′shē-ō″, fĕ-lot′ē-ō″, fĕ-lā′shŏn) [L. fellare, to suck] Oral stimulation of the penis. SYN: oral sex. SEE: cunnilingus. fellate (fel′āt″, fĕ-lāt′), v. fellator (fē-lāt′ŏr), n.


(fĕl′ō) [ME. felowe] 1. A physician who has received primary training in a medical specialty and is pursuing further specialized training. SEE: fellowship.

2. A member of a professional, scholarly, or scientific society.

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