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(eks-trak′shŏn) [L. extractio, a drawing out] 1. Surgical removal, as of a tooth. 2. The removal of the active portion of a drug from its vehicle.

breech e. SEE: breech delivery.

extracapsular e. A surgical technique for cataract removal. The nucleus, cortex, and anterior capsule are removed; the posterior capsule is left intact. This is often done by phacoemulsification under local anesthesia using a microscope. SYN: extracapsular cataract e. SEE: cataract; phacoemulsification.

extracapsular cataract e. ABBR: ECCE. Extracapsular e.

intracapsular e. The basic surgical technique for cataract removal, in which the nucleus, cortex, and capsule are removed as one unit. SEE: cataract.

lead e. The removal of an electronic lead, such as a temporary pacemaker wire, from the heart.

menstrual e. Vacuum or suction curettage of the uterus performed just before the date of the next menstrual period. The procedure ensures inducement of the menstrual period even though the uterus may contain a fertilized ovum.

oxygen e. The difference between the partial pressure of oxygen leaving a tissue and the partial pressure of oxygen entering the tissue.

extraction team

A team of specially trained personnel who isolate and remove people from a high-risk environment. Extraction teams are used in both psychiatric and infectious (public health) emergency care.


(ek-strak′tiv) A substance that has been extracted or removed.


(ĕks-trăk′tor) An instrument for removing foreign bodies. Varieties include esophageal, throat, bronchial, and tissue extractors.


(eks″tră-sis′tik) [extra- + cystic] Located outside of or being unrelated to a bladder or cystic tumor.


(ĕks-tră-door′ăl) [extra- + dural] 1. Located on the outer side of the dura mater. 2. Unconnected with the dura mater.


(eks″tră-em″brē-on′ik) [extra- + embryonic] Located apart from and outside the embryo; pert. to the amnion.

extrafusal fibers

(ek″stră-fū′zăl) SEE: under fiber.


(eks″tră-jen′ĭt-ăl) [extra- + genital] Located outside of or being unrelated to the genital organs.


(eks″tră-hĕ-pat′ik) [extra- + hepatic] Located outside of or being unrelated to the liver.


(eks″tră-marj′ĭ-năl) [extra- + marginal] Pert. to subliminal consciousness.


(ĕks″tră-măs″toyd-ī′tĭs) [″ + Gr. mastos, breast, + eidos, form, shape, + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of tissues contiguous to the mastoid process.



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