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(en″dar-tēr′ē-ăl) [endo- + arterial] 1. Pert. to the inner portion of an artery. 2. Within an artery.

endarteritis, endoarteritis

(en″dart″ĕ-rīt′ĭs, en″dō-art″ĕ-rīt′ĭs) [endo- + arteritis] Infection or inflammation of the lining of a blood vessel.

e. deformans A condition in which the intima is thickened or replaced with atheromatous or calcium-containing deposits.

e. obliterans Chronic progressive thickening of the intima leading to stenosis or obstruction of a lumen. SYN: arteritis obliterans; Friedländer disease.

syphilitic e. Endarteritis caused by syphilis.


(end′brān″) Telencephalon.


(ĕn-dĕm′ĭk) [Gr. en, in, + demos, people] Found in a specific population or particular region of the world. The term is usually used to refer to a disease that occurs continuously or with a stable baseline incidence within a locale or a group of people.

endemic pemphigus foliaceus

SEE: under pemphigus.


(ĕn-dĕm″ō-ĕp-ĭ-dĕm′ĭk) [″ + ″ + epi, on, among, + demos, people] Endemic, but becoming epidemic periodically.


(ĕnd″ĕr-gŏn′ĭk) [Gr. endon, within, + ergon, work] Pert. to chemical reactions that require energy in order to occur.

end feel

In physical therapy and rehabilitation, the feeling experienced by an evaluator when overpressure is applied to tissue at the end of the available passive range of motion. It is interpreted as abnormal when the quality of the feel is different from normal response at that joint. The feeling may be soft, as when two muscle groups are compressed or soft tissues are stretched; firm, as when a normal joint or ligament is stretched; or hard, as when two bones block motion. Abnormal end feels may include a springy sensation when cartilage is torn within a joint, muscle guarding when a muscle involuntarily responds to acute pain, or muscle spasticity when there is increased tone due to an upper motor neuron lesion or when the feeling is different from that normally experienced for the joint being tested.


The terminal or final portion of a tissue or cell.

end-inspiratory pause

SEE: under pause.

endo-, end-

[Gr. endon, inside, in the house, within] Prefixes meaning within, as in endocarditis, endodontics.


(ĕn″dō-ăn″ū-rĭs-mor′ăf-ē) [Gr. endon, within, + aneurysma, aneurysm, + rhaphe, seam, ridge] Surgical opening of an aneurysmal sac and suturing of its orifice.


(ĕn″dō-ăn-jē-ī′tĭs) [″ + angeion...

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