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(koosh′ĭng-oyd) Having physical characteristics that result from excess exposure to corticosteroids, such as a rounded face, weight gain, or thin, easily bruised skin.


(koosh′ĭn) In anatomy, a mass of connective tissue, usually adipose, that acts to prevent undue pressure on underlying tissues or structures.

wheelchair c. A padded surface for wheelchair seats designed to prevent pressure sores. There are several static varieties, including air-filled, polyurethane foam, and flotation, the latter filled with water or gel. Dynamic surfaces, which require an external power source, protect pressure points by alternating high and low air pressures through a system of valves and pumps. SYN: pressure relief device.


(kŭsp) [L. cuspis, point] 1. A rounded or cone-shaped point on the crown of a tooth. 2. One of the leaflike divisions or parts of the valves of the heart. cuspidate (kŭs′pĭ-dāt″), adj. SEE: bicuspid valve;. SEE: tricuspid valve.

Carabelli c. SEE: Carabelli cusp.

plunger c. A cusp of a tooth that tends to forcibly wedge food into interproximal areas, causing an impaction. Cusp points should be rounded, shortened, or reduced with a dental drill.


(kŭs′pĭd) [L. cuspis, stem cuspid, point] Canine (2).


(kŭs′tŏ-dē) [L. custodia, care, protection, watch] 1. Direct control or care by an agent or agency in charge. 2. Legal guardianship, as for a child. 3. Legal detention or incarceration by the police or other law enforcement agency. 4. Safekeeping of evidence, as of illegal drugs or weapons for presentation in a trial. custodial (kŭs′tōd′ē-ăl), adj.


A generally accepted practice or behavior by a particular group of people or a social group.


(kŭt) 1. Separating or dividing of tissues by use of a sharp surgical instrument such as a scalpel. 2. To dilute a substance in order to decrease the concentration of the active ingredient.


[L. cutis, skin, hide, leather] Prefix meaning skin.

cutane-, cutaneo-

[L. cutaneus, fr. cutis, skin] Prefixes meaning skin.


(kū-tā′nē-ŭs) [L. cutis, skin] Pert. to the skin. SYN: integumentary.

cutaneous nerves

Peripheral nerves innervating the skin.

cutaneous radiation syndrome

ABBR: CRS. The damaging effects of radiation exposure on the skin. In limited exposures, CRS may be limited to mild sun-burning. Blistering, hair loss, necrosis, or permanent scarring may occur with more extensive exposures.


(kŭt′down) ...

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