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culture and sensitivity test

Antimicrobial sensitivity test.

culture-bound syndrome

A recurrent, locality-specific pattern of behavior or disease; a folk illness; an illness that affects a specific ethnic group, tribe, or society.

culture expansion

The use of growth factors, nutrients, and environmental modifications to stimulate cells in culture to reproduce.

culture independent diagnostic test

ABBR: CIDP. The identification of pathogens using molecular methods, such as amplification or isolation of their specific antigens or nucleic acids. CIDPs can be more rapidly and easily performed than tests that isolate pathogens from cultures, which can take days to complete.


(kū′myŭ-lă-tiv) [L. cumulus, a heap] Increasing in concentration, effect, or mass by successive addition.

cumulative drug action

SEE: under action.

cumulative effect

A drug effect that is apparent only after several doses have been given. It is caused by excretion or metabolic degradation of only a fraction of each dose given.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature

ABBR: CINAHL. A specialized literature database covering nursing, allied health, alternative health, consumer health, and selected biomedical information resources. Print volumes date back to 1956, and an electronic database dates back to 1982. The electronic database indexes almost 3000 nursing and allied health journals.

cumulative trauma disorder

Overuse syndrome.

cumulative trauma syndrome

Overuse syndrome.


(kū′myŭ-lŭs) [L. cumulus, a little mound] A small elevation; a heap of cells.

c. oophorus A solid mass of follicular cells that surrounds the developing ovarian follicle. It projects into the antrum of the graafian follicle. After ovulation this layer of cells must be penetrated by a sperm for fertilization to occur. SYN: discus proligerus.


(kū′nē-āt) [L. cuneus, wedge] Wedge-shaped; cuneiform.


(kū-nē′ĭ-form) [″ + forma, shape] Wedge-shaped.


[L. cuneus, wedge] Prefix meaning wedge.


(kū′nē-ŭs) pl. cunei [L., wedge] A wedge-shaped lobule of the brain on the mesial surface of the occipital lobe.


(kū-nĭk′ū-lŭs) pl. cuniculi [L., an underground passage] A burrow in the epidermis made by scabies.


(kŭn-i-ling′gŭs) [L. cunnus, vulva, pudenda + L lingere, to lick] Sexual activity in which the mouth and tongue are used to stimulate the female genitalia. SYN: oral sex. SEE: fellatio....

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