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(kŏn-sen′shū-ăl) [L. consensus, agreement] 1. Pert. to reflex stimulation of one part or side produced by excitation of another part or the opposite side. 2. Mutually agreeable. 3. Consenting.

consensual light reflex

SEE: under reflex.

consensual reaction

1. An involuntary action. 2. A crossed reflex.

consensual validation

The testing of ones’ own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with other people’s. The desired outcome is acknowledgment of similar viewpoints and feelings.


(kŏn-sĕn′sŭs) [L. consensus, unanimity, agreement] General agreement; a shared idea or opinion.

consensus statement

(stāt′mĕnt) A comprehensive summary of the opinions of a panel of experts about a particular scientific, medical, nursing, or administrative issue. Its purpose is to provide guidance to health care professionals to advance the understanding of an issue, method, or procedure. SEE: position statement.


(kŏn-sent′) [L. consentire, to agree] The granting of permission by the patient for another person to perform an act, e.g., permission for a surgical or therapeutic procedure or experiment to be performed by a physician, nurse, dentist, or other health care professional.

implied c. Nonverbal consent suggested by the actions by the patient, as when he or she enters the dental office and sits in a dental chair. This suggests that the patient seeks examination, diagnosis, and consultation.

informed c. A voluntary agreement made by a well-advised, mentally competent patient to be treated by a health care provider or institution, or randomized into a research study.

PATIENT CARE: The health care provider should provide full disclosure of information regarding the material risks, benefits of the proposed treatment, alternatives, and consequences of no treatment, so that the patient can make an intelligent, or informed, choice.

image The information should be provided by the practitioner who will be performing the procedure. A nurse or any other health care provider who obtains informed consent for the practitioner performing the procedure exceeds his or her scope of practice and may face legal consequences.

parental c. Permission granted to a health care provider by a child’s mother or father for health care services.

consent form

SEE: under form.

consenting adult

A legally competent adult who agrees to participate in social or sexual activity by virtue of his or her own desire or free will.


(kŏn′sē-kwĕns) 1. Any result, conclusion, or effect. 2. In psychology, the end result of a behavior, which may be positive, negative, or neutral.

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