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clot tube

A specimen collection tube that does not contain anticoagulants. It is used to carry blood to a clinical laboratory for analysis.


(klowd′ing) 1. Making, becoming, or being unclear or incoherent. 2. Making obscure or indistinct.

cloven spine

Congenital defect of spinal canal walls caused by lack of union between laminae of the vertebrae. SYN: spina bifida cystica.

clove oil

[L. clavus, a nail or spike] A volatile oil distilled from the dried flower buds of the clove tree, Eugenia caryophyllus. It is used as an antiseptic and an aromatic and is applied directly to relieve pain in teeth.


(klō′ză-pēn″) A dopamine receptor–blocking drug used to treat psychosis.


(klōz) [Abbrev. of closure] A sentence completion test used in speech and language pathology in which a word is deleted from a sentence and the person being tested is asked to fill in the blank with an appropriate term.


Continuous lateral rotation therapy.




(klŭb′ing) An enlarged terminal phalanx of the finger. Excessive growth of the soft tissues of the ends of the fingers makes the fingers look like a sausage or drumstick when viewed from above and a beaked appearance when viewed from the side. Increased soft tissue is deposited beneath the cuticle, causing the fingertip to be thinner at the distal interphalangeal joint than at the base of the nail. Clubbing may be present in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial fibrosis of the lungs, cyanotic congenital heart disease, carcinoma of the lung, bacterial endocarditis. SEE: illus.




club drug

SEE: under drug.


Talipes equinovarus.


A deformity of the hand in which it is twisted out of position.


(klŭmp) [AS. clympre, a lump] 1. A mass of bacteria in solution; may be caused by an agglutination reaction. 2. To gather together.


(klŭmp′ĭng) Agglutination.


(klŭs′tĕr) A closely grouped series of events, e.g., cases of a disease, that share a common risk factor or occur around the same time or in the same place.

cancer c. The occurrence of many cancers in a small geographical area or a defined population in much greater numbers than would be expected through chance alone.


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