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(sĕr″kŭm-kor′nē-ăl) [L. circum, around, + corneus, horny] Around the cornea.


(sĭr″kŭm-dŭk′shŏn) [L. circumductio, a leading around] Movement around an axis such that the proximal end of a limb is fixed and the distal end traces a circle.


(sĭr-kŭm′fĕ-rĕns) [L. circumferentia] The perimeter of an object or body.

calf c. ABBR: CC. A measure of the nutritional adequacy of older people and of the appropriate development of the very young.

PATIENT CARE: To obtain a CC, place a tape measure around the thickest part of the lower leg, roughly halfway between the knee and ankle joint. In older adults, a reduced calf girth (less than 12 in [31 cm]) is an indicator of malnutrition.

midarm c. ABBR: MAC. An indirect measure of the nutritional adequacy of a patient.

PATIENT CARE: To obtain a MAC, place a tape measure at the midpoint between the tip of the acromium (at the shoulder) and the olecranon (the back of the elbow) with the lower arm flexed to 90°. A MAC of less than 8 in (21 cm) is an indication suggestive of malnutrition in older patients.


(sĕr″kŭm-fĕr-ĕn′shăl) 1. Encircling. 2. Pert. to the periphery or circumference of an object or body.


(sĕr′kŭm-flĕks) [″ + flectere, to bend] Winding around, as a vessel.


(sĭr″kŭm-jās′ĕnt) [L. circumjacere, to lie (all) around, border on] In anatomy, lying around the borders of; surrounding.


(sĕr″kŭm-lō′kā-shŭn) [circum- + L. locatus, to place] An unnecessarily complicated (“roundabout”) description of an object or event.


(sĕr″kŭm-nū′klē-ăr) [″ + nucleus, kernel] Surrounding the nucleus.


(sĭr″kŭm-ok′yŭ-lăr) [circum- + ocular] Periocular.


(sĭr″kŭm-or′ăl) [circum- + oral] Perioral.

circumoral pallor

A white area around the mouth, contrasting vividly with the color of the face, seen in scarlet fever and many other diseases.


(sĭr″kŭm-or′bĭt-ăl) [circum- + orbit] Periorbital.


(sĕr″kŭm-pō″lăr-ĭ-zā′shŭn) [″ + polaris, polar] The rotation of a ray of polarized light.


(sĕr′kŭm-skrībd) [″ + scribere, to write] Limited in space by something drawn around or confining an area.


(sĭr″kŭm-stan″shē-al′ĭt-ē) Disturbance of the associative thought and speech ...

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