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Chaussier areola

(shō-sē-ā′) [François Chaussier, Fr. physician, 1746–1828] Indurated tissue that surrounds a pustule caused by anthrax.


complete heart block.


Bachelor of Surgery; used mostly in the United Kingdom.


congenital hip dislocation; congenital heart disease; coronary heart disease.


[O.Fr. eschec] 1. To slow down or arrest the course of a condition. 2. To verify.

check bite

SEE: under bite.


(chek′poynt″) In molecular and cell biology, a process or chemical that temporarily blocks or slows a biochemical event. Checkpoint mutations are associated with the unregulated growth of some cancers.

immunological c. Any biochemical process that prevents T cell activation. T cell activation forms a necessary part of the body’s immune response to some cancers, and immunological checkpoints allow cancers to grow. Monoclonal antibodies that target immunological checkpoints can be used to treat some solid cancers, such as melanomas.


A visit to a health care provider for health maintenance or for a history and a physical examination.

check valve

SEE: under valve.

Chédiak-Higashi syndrome

(shē′dē-ăk-hē-gă′shē) [M. Chédiak and O. Higashi, contemporary French and Japanese physicians, respectively] A lethal metabolic disorder, inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, in which neutrophils contain peroxidase-positive inclusion bodies. Partial albinism, photophobia, and pale optic fundi are clinical features. Children usually die by 5 to 10 years of age of a lymphomalike disease.


[AS. ceace] 1. The side of the face forming the lateral wall of the mouth below the eye. SYN: bucca. 2. The buttock.


(chēk′bōn″) Zygomatic bone.


(chēk′ing) A colloquial term for concealing a medication in the mouth, i.e., between the teeth and the cheek, in order to avoid swallowing it.

cheek retractor

SEE: under retractor.


(kī-lĕk′tō-mē) [Gr. cheilos, lip, + ektome, excision] 1. Surgical removal of abnormal bone around a joint to facilitate joint mobility. 2. Surgical removal of a lip.


(kī″lĕk-trō′pē-ŏn) [″ + ektrope, a turning aside] Eversion of the lip.

cheilitis, chelitis, chilitis

(kī-līt′ĭs) [chilo- + -itis] Inflammation or chapping of the lips, esp. at their corners. This condition may be caused by exposure to sun, wind, or other elements or it may result from ...

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