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breath test for lactase deficiency

The measurement of hydrogen in the breath after ingestion of a standard amount (50 g) of lactase. SEE: lactase deficiency syndrome.

breath work, breathwork

The conscious control of the rate, rhythm, and depth of breathing, a technique used in relaxation and meditative practices in order to reduce psychological stress, control anxiety and emotion, and focus thoughts.


(brēch) [AS. brec, buttocks] The nates, or buttocks.


regulatory B cell.


(brĕg′mă) pl. bregmata [Gr., front of head] The point on the skull where the coronal and sagittal sutures join. The anterior fontanel in the fetus and young infant. bregmatic (-mat′ik), adj.

Brenner tumor

(bren′ĕr) [Fritz Brenner, Ger. pathologist, 1877–1969] A rare, usually benign tumor of the ovary composed of fibrous and epithelial elements.


(brev′ĕ-tok″sin) [(Karenia) brevis + toxin] A potent, lipid-soluble, neurotoxic compound produced by marine dinoflagellates, such as Karenia brevis, an organism initially identified in “red tides” in coastal Florida.


(brĕv″ĭ-kŏl′ĭs) [L. brevis, short, + collum, neck] Shortness of the neck.


(brij) 1. The upper part of the external nose formed by the junction of the nasal bones. 2. The curved part of a pair of eyeglasses that rests on the bridge of the nose. 3. A narrow band of tissue. 4. A cast dental restoration that replaces missing teeth. The restoration is usually made of gold alloy, with or without a porcelain exterior, and is attached to adjacent or abutment teeth for support. 4. The use of a short-acting drug when treatment with a longer-acting drug must be temporarily interrupted or during the initiation of the long-acting drug before it reaches full therapeutic effectiveness.

PATIENT CARE: Bridging is commonly used for perioperative anticoagulation. In patients who have atrial fibrillation or a history of blood clotting, warfarin, which has a relatively long half-life, is withheld several days before surgery. The bridge consists of the administration of low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWHs), which have a shorter half-life, until about 12 hr before the procedure in order to prevent clotting. At a safe time after the operation, LMWHs are reinstituted until warfarin reaches therapeutic levels, e.g., an international normalized ratio of 2 or more. The duration of bridging therapy varies but is typically between 2 days and 1 week.

5. An exercise for activating the abdominal and hip extensor muscles. The patient lies on his back with knees flexed and feet flat against a horizontal surface, such as a floor, bed, or plinth (treatment table). The ...

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