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(bī″mōd′ăl) [bi- + modal] 1. Pert. to a graphic presentation that contains two peaks. 2. Pert. to a set of data that has two distinct maximum values.


(bī′nă-rē) [L. binarius, of two] 1. Composed of two elements. 2. Separating into two branches.

binary system

A numbering system well suited to use by computers. All of the information placed into a computer is in binary form, i.e., numbers made up of zeros and ones (0s and 1s). In this system each place in a binary number represents a power of 2, i.e., the number of times 2 is to be multiplied by itself. SYN: binary code.


(bī′nawr′ăl) [L. bis, twice, + auris, ear] Pert. to both ears.


(bĭn″aw-rĭk′ū-lăr) [″ + auricula, little ear] Binaural; pert. to both auricles of the ear.


1. To fasten, wrap, or encircle with a bandage. 2. In chemistry and immunology, the uniting or adherence, i.e., bonding, of one molecule or chemical entity to another, e.g., the joining of a toxin to an antitoxin or of a hormone to its receptor on a cell surface.


(bīn′dĕr) 1. A broad bandage most commonly used as an encircling support of the abdomen or chest. SEE: bandage. 2. In dentistry, a substance that holds a mixture of solid particles together. 3. A medication that attaches to a substance and takes it out of circulation, e.g., a phosphate binder.

abdominal b. A wide band fastened snugly about the abdomen for support. SEE: Scultetus binder under Scultetus, Johannes.

chest b. A broad band that encircles the chest and is used for applying heat, dressings, or pressure and for supporting the breasts. Shoulder straps may be used to keep the binder from slipping.

double-T b. A horizontal band about the waist to which two vertical bands are attached in back, brought around the leg, and again fastened to the horizontal band.

obstetrical b. A binder that extends from the ribs to the pelvis, providing support for a markedly pendulous abdomen. Such support may be rarely required for severe diastasis recti or for marked separation and mobility of the pubic symphysis during pregnancy.

phosphate b. Any of various medications used to prevent hyperphosphatemia in patients with end-stage renal disease. Calcium carbonate taken with meals is the most commonly employed agent.

Scultetus b. SEE: under Scultetus, Johannes.

T b. T bandage.

towel b. A towel that encircles the abdomen or chest and whose ends ...

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