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Assessment of Motor and Process Skills

ABBR: AMPS. A performance test of complex tasks required for activities of daily living, used in rehabilitation. It is one of the first of a generation of functional performance assessments designed to accommodate differences in settings and raters through statistical mechanisms. SEE: functional assessment.

Assessment of Occupational Functioning

ABBR: AOF. A standardized test of functional capacity for persons ages 13 and older who reside in long-term care settings. The test measures instrumental activities of daily living and other activity-related characteristics.


(ă-sīn′mĕnt) [L. assignamentum, marking out, designation] The amount of money Medicare approves for specific health care services. Health care providers who accept assignment from Medicare agree to provide medical services in exchange for Medicare’s monetary reimbursement and do not seek additional payments from patients.

assignment bias

(ă-sīn′mĕnt) A bias introduced into a clinical trial that results from knowing whether the enrolled patient is being actively treated, or followed without any intervention known to alter his or herphysiology.


(ă-sim′ĭ-lă-bl) [L. assimilabilis] Capable of assimilation. assimilability (-sim″ĭ-lă-bil′it-ē), n.


(ă-sim′ĭ-lāt″) [L. assimilare, to make like, liken] 1. To absorb digested food. 2. In psychology, to absorb newly perceived information into the existing subjective conscious structure.


(ă-sim″ĭ-lā′shŏn) [L. assimilatio, likeness, similarity] 1. The transformation of food into living tissue; anabolism. 2. In psychology, the absorption of newly perceived information into the existing subjective conscious structure.


(ă-sis′tănt) [L. assistere, to stand by, help] One that aids or supports. SYN: aide. Particular assistants are listed under the first word. SEE: e.g., nursing assistant; personal digital assistant; physical therapist assistant.

assisted death

SEE: under death.

assisted hatching

In in-vitro fertilization, thinning the zona pellucida that surrounds an embryo to encourage its implantation into the endometrium.

assisted living, assisted living facility, assisted living residence

A group residence for adults, in which tenants live in individual apartments but receive some personal-care services, including shared meals, day and night supervision, assistance with medications, and other benefits, which vary according to state regulations. SEE: nursing home; intermediate care facility.

assisted suicide

SEE: under suicide.

assistive listening system

(ă-sis′tiv) Any technology that enhances the understanding of speech by people with hearing impairments in acoustic environments in which speech is distorted, muffled, or obscured by background noise.

assistive technology

SEE: under technology.


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