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(ar-thrit″ŏ-jen″ik) [arthrit(is) + -genic] Capable of causing or accelerating arthritis (inflammation of the joints). arthritogenicity (ar-thrit″ŏ-jĕ-nis′it-ē), n.

arthro-, arthr-

[Gr. arthron, joint] Prefixes meaning joint.


(ar″thrō-sen-tē′sĭs) [arthro- + centesis] Entry into a joint space with a needle to remove fluid. SEE: illus.






(ar″thrō-klā′zh(ē-)ă) [arthro- + -clasis + -ia] The intentional breaking of adhesions of an ankylosed joint to provide movement.


(ar″thrō-kŏ-nid′ē-ă) [arthro- + conidia] Spores of coccidioidomycosis.


(ar-throd′ĕ-sĭs) [arthro- + -desis] The fusion of two bones.


(ar″thrō-fī-brō′sĭs) [arthro- + fibro- + -sis] Joint scar tissue.


(ar′thrŏ-gram″) [arthro- + -gram] Visualization of a joint by radiographic study after injection of a contrast medium into the joint space.


(ar-throg′ră-fē) [arthro- + -graphy] 1. Radiography of a joint. 2. Radiography of a synovial joint after injection of a contrast medium. The medium may be radiolucent (air), radiopaque, or both. arthrographic (ar″thrŏ-graf′ik), adj.

magnetic resonance a. Imaging of joint diseases with magnetic resonance technologies, typically after the injection of a contrast agent into the affected joint.


(ar″thrō″grĭ-pō′sĭs) [arthro- + gryposis] Fixation of a joint in a flexed or contracted position. The gryposis may be due to adhesions in or around the joint.

a. multiplex congenita A congenital generalized arthrogryposis resulting from changes in the spinal cord, muscles, or connective tissue.


(ar″thrō-kin″ĕ-mat′iks) [arthro- + kinematics] Description of the movement of the joint surfaces when a bone moves through a range of motion. Arthrokinematic movements include rolling and gliding of a joint. arthrokinematic, adj.


(ar-throl′ŏ-jē) [arthro- + -logy] The scientific study of joints.


(ar-throl′ĭ-sĭs) [arthro- + -lysis] An operation to restore mobility to an ankylosed joint.


(ar-throp′ă-thē) [arthro- + -pathy] Any joint disease.

Charcot a. SEE: under Charcot, Jean M.

inflammatory a. An inflammatory joint disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

neuropathic a. Disruption or destruction of bone, cartilage, and joints resulting from diminished sensation in a limb, e.g., Charcot joint.



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